How to Save Money Moving (Hint: Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers)

Posted on February 18, 2015

Storage Containers in Kelowna vs Shipping Containers

MI-BOX® Kelowna mobile storage containers can add storage space or a moving solution when you‚Äôre expanding or relocating your business, and they‚Äôre much nicer looking than steel boxes!


As with most major endeavours we make as adults (getting married, buying a first home, procreating, and then buying a bigger home), when you’re moving, time, stress and money will be saved with a good plan and a reasonable budget. If you’re looking for easy ways to save money during your household move, start with the storage containers Kelowna residents love because they’re easy on the pocketbook and Great Grandpa Jack’s oil paintings of wild horses.


1) Rent one or more portable storage containers

It’s almost hard to imagine moving without one of the MI-BOX storage boxes Kelowna driveways are lined with, following a ‘SOLD’ real estate sign. With a MI-BOX, you can stretch out the 12-hour moving day marathon into weeks or even months so you can pack and unpack at your convenience.

Even better, MI-BOX portable storage containers are incredibly affordable, and you only use it for as long as you need it. Plus, for a limited time at Space Centre, the delivery of your first box is free!


2) Save on moving supplies

All those boxes and packing tape can quickly add up. Moving professionals estimate the supplies needed to move—tape, boxes, packing paper, moving blankets, bubblewrap—can cost up to $500 if you were to buy all the moving supplies for a typical household move.

Fortunately, if you have a bit of time before the big day, there are a few ways you might be able to cut down on that expense:


  • Ask around. Many agents offer free boxes as a complementary service to thank clients for their business and help them get into their new home. Ask your friends, family, neighbours and coworkers too. You‚Äôd be surprised how many people you know keep ‚Äògood boxes‚Äô under the stairs. And since they can be re-used if they‚Äôre taken care of, you can offer to bring them back after you‚Äôre all moved in.
  • Visit shops that regularly dispose of clean, strong boxes, such as liquor stores, book stores, and bakeries. Many of these stores leave boxes for the taking. Sometimes you just have to ask!
  • Score a deal on high quality moving supplies from the same helpful storage centre where you rented your Kelowna mobile storage containers. Space Centre offers all the moving supplies you need‚Äîincluding mattress covers, stretch wrap, wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes and more‚Äîfor less! Plus, their experts will have a good sense of how much packing supplies you really need so you don‚Äôt overspend.


3) Remember that some moving expenses can be deductible

Depending on how far you’re moving and why, you may be able to claim some or all of your moving expenses. In Canada, the general rule of thumb is that you can probably claim moving expenses if you’re moving at least 40 kilometres closer to a new job or post-secondary program. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s page on tax deductible moving expenses to get the specifics.

There, now you’ve got a bit more cash in your wallet for the celebratory beer and pizza on move-in night!


Where can you find friendly moving experts, a complete range of affordable moving supplies, and MI-BOX Kelowna mobile storage containers all under one roof? At Space Centre Storage! We'll help you save even more time and money.

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