Portable Storage Containers: Why MI-BOX® is Better Than a Steel Box

Posted on October 07, 2014

MI-BOX Kelowna Portable Storage Container

A local portable storage container gives you the flexibility to pack when you want, at your own pace.


Portable storage containers are becoming part of the way people move because they make the once arduous and stressful task of moving so much easier, but did you know you have a choice of containers to protect your belongings?

Here in Kelowna, you can choose from standard, full steel boxes or the innovative new MI-BOX® portable storage containers. So, what’s the difference between a plain steel box and a MI-BOX®?

Regular steel boxes were initially used as cargo containers for shipping across the sea. If you’ve ever looked inside one, you’ll know they’re just like their name: big steel boxes.

The MI-BOX®, on the other hand, was designed for moving your most precious belongings.


Why the MI-BOX® is better than a plain steel box: 

  • Lightweight design and drop-off that’s easy on your driveway

Our MI-BOX® Kelowna portable storage containers are half the weight of those steel containers (that can weigh up to 5,000 pounds and sink into your concrete). The MI-BOX® is made with Duraplate® that creates a plastic core between sheets of steel, which is lightweight and gentle on your driveway.

Plus, our professional drivers use a level lift to set the MI-BOX® down gently and evenly, instead of sliding it across your driveway. This means you don't have to worry about your asphalt being scuffed up or your gravel being displaced like a heavier steel box can.


  • Ventilation and wood floors that are easy on your belongings

The MI-BOX® was designed for moving your belongings, not for shipping palettes and crates. That’s why we use wood floors, not metal, to keep your most treasured things off the ground. Our containers also feature ventilation to help prevent condensation so you don't have to worry about your items getting wet and mouldy.

In fact, they’re 100 percent weatherproof. So, think of a MI-BOX® as more of a portable room in your house rather than some steel box headed for the sea.


  • Roll-up doors for easy access for anyone at your home

Unlike steel shipping containers, the MI-BOX® has a roll-up door that’s easy for everyone at your house to use. Plus, rolling up your door allows air to come in and help prevent condensation as well.


Do you need extra storage for business items? The MI-BOX® is a trusted way to safely and conveniently store items your staff needs easy access to. You can also explore the creative ways other businesses have used portable storage to their advantage! Learn more in our blog: Why Rent MI-BOX® Portable Storage Containers for Festivals and Events


When you’re looking for Kelowna mobile storage containers, contact the experts at Space Centre Self Storage. The Space Centre’s team is here to help you find the best storage solution for your needs, from storage boxes and RV and boat storage to commercial lease spaces with access to a forklift and load docks.

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