Kelowna RV Storage Tips: Getting Your Ride Ready for Winter

Posted on August 24, 2015

RV storage cleaning prep

A thorough cleaning is a recommended maintenance item for preparing motorhomes and other vehicles for Kelowna RV storage.

Like many Canadians, your RV is pretty much a second home in the summer. Whether it's a travel trailer or motorhome, you've probably racked up a lot of miles visiting the country's campsites. But as the season winds down, it's time to start thinking about preparing your ride for Kelowna RV storage.

Owning toys comes with responsibilities. To get the most out of your investment, there are a number of standard maintenance procedures that need to be taken care of, and winterizing your RV is one of them.

Our Kelowna RV storage experts have come up with a list to help make the process as straightforward as possible.


1. Find a Suitable Storage Location

Leaving your RV exposed to the elements, especially in harsh Canadian winters, can accelerate the deterioration of your RV's exterior. Ideally, you want to park your vehicle where it'll be sheltered, preferably in a temperature-controlled facility:

  • Covered shelter
  • Barn
  • Garage
  • Self storage centre

A RV represents a significant investment, so paying a little extra to store it properly will offer peace of mind.


2. Prepare the Interior

If you don't have access to heated storage, one of the most important maintenance items you can perform is winterizing your water system. That means draining your lines and holding tanks and refilling the system with non-toxic RV antifreeze (follow your owner's manual for more detailed instructions).

Other interior maintenance tasks include:

  • Fridge & freezer: Defrost freezer and clean both it and the fridge. Prop the doors open and place baking soda inside to prevent odour buildup.
  • Electrical: Turn off the main breaker if the RV won't be used or turned on during storage.
  • Propane: Turn off your LP-gas supply at the tank.
  • Windows blinds: Close any window coverings to keep sun from infiltrating the cabin. This'll prevent the carpet and other upholstery from becoming sun-faded.
  • Vents: Proper ventilation will help circulate air, reduce condensation buildup and prevent mold and odour. Therefore, if you have covers installed on your overhead vents, open the vents to promote air circulation.
  • Accessories & electronics: Remove batteries from electronic devices like clocks and flashlights. Store them somewhere handy so you remember to install them again in spring.


3. Prepare the Exterior

Giving your RV a thorough cleaning and waxing will help protect the paint surface from harmful UV rays. Consult your owner's manual to determine your roof type, so that you can clean it with an appropriate solution.

Once cleaned, take time to walk around the unit, inspecting all seams and seals for signs of cracking and other wear. Replace or repair these as soon as possible.

Other items on your exterior checklist should include:

  • Inspecting tires for damage and inflating to manufacturer's recommended pressure
  • Protecting tires with tire covers, and by placing pieces of lumber between the tires and the ground
  • Disconnecting batteries and storing in a cool, dry area
  • Changing engine oil and filter
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Topping up fuel tank and adding a fuel stabilizer

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