Kelowna Self Storage: How to Simplify Your Spring Cleaning Projects

Posted on March 29, 2016

Self storage spring cleaning kelowna

A trip to your Kelowna self storage centre in spring can help free up space in your home.

There’s still some snow clinging to the hilltops around the Okanagan Valley, but it’s all clear in the valley bottom. That means it’s time for residents to tackle spring cleaning and other household projects. And a Kelowna self storage unit is a great option to streamline the process.

Springtime is a natural period of transition. We go from snow and ice to green grass and nice weather. It’s an ideal time to start your to-do list for a number of reasons:

  • Free up your summers for fun and recreation
  • Take advantage of cooler temperatures to get things done
  • Work indoors to avoid the spring rains
  • Shake off the winter blues by getting busy



Winter weather typically inhibits our ability to stay organized. The things we own (or acquire) tend to accumulate in places that make convenient dumping grounds. When spring rolls around, it’s a good idea to address these cluttered areas before they get out of hand.

One way to approach this is to sort your belongings into three piles:

  • What stays?
  • What can be brought to your Kelowna self storage centre?
  • What can be donated, sold in a garage sale or given away?

By breaking down the process like this, it makes it more manageable. And for the things that stay, it’s advisable to find a permanent home for them that doesn’t encroach on your living space.



Spring is also a popular time of year for home renovations. For larger or longer-term projects, a storage rental can be a handy place to temporarily store things like:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Artwork and other valuable items

Not only will this help you maintain a clean, unobstructed worksite, placing these items in a storage unit also ensures these items won’t get damaged during the renovations like:

  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Remodeling a kitchen or other room

This approach also reduces the temptation to simply shift these items to another part of the house, such as your garage.


Seasonal Turnover

As mentioned, spring is a time of transition. We swap over snow shovels for garden tools, and snow blowers for lawn mowers. A storage unit is the ideal place for the things you only need on a seasonal basis because:

  • You know they‚Äôll be stored safely
  • They‚Äôre always accessible
  • They‚Äôre not taking up valuable space in your house or garage


What About Your Storage Rental?

If you’ve been renting a unit at a Kelowna self storage centre for a number of years, you might want to consider giving it a thorough cleaning in spring as well. You might find there are things you no longer need that can be jettisoned. And by strategically rearranging your unit, it will provide access to the things you use frequently.


To learn more about this, read our post: Spring Cleaning Your Kelowna Self Storage Unit.

Do you need to free up some extra space in your home? Call the Kelowna self storage experts at Space Centre Storage. We have storage options to suit a range of needs and budgets.

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