Kelowna Self Storage Tips: Cleaning up After Christmas

Posted on January 08, 2016

Kelowna Self Storage christmas clean up

 Our Kelowna self storage experts have a few handy tips for storing Christmas decorations that will save you time and frustration.


Is your fake Christmas tree still standing in the corner of your living room? Does your wreath still greet visitors at the door even though we‚Äôre already in January? Our Kelowna self storage experts have a few simple suggestions to help you reclaim your home after the holidays.

Some people like to leave their Christmas decorations up for a while. You only get to do it once a year, so you might as well make the most of it, right? On the other hand, some homeowners are guilty of procrastinating a little longer than they prefer (we’re not pointing fingers).

Whether you stow your holiday decorations in your attic, garage, or at your local Kelowna self storage centre, we hope these tips make the takedown process a smooth one.


Christmas Lights

It seems like every year when you go to put up your Christmas lights, you end up in a battle to unravel the tangle of wires and bulbs. And it’s the same for every strand, no matter where you put them:

  • On the tree
  • Across your mantle
  • Along your roof
  • Around your windows

To control these unwieldy strings of light, a good option is to wind them around an old coffee can. You can also use a sturdy piece of cardboard. By cutting an X in the lid of the can (or a slit in the cardboard), you can anchor the plug and start winding.


Fake Christmas Trees

Fake Christmas trees often start out looking quite nice, but they can suffer abuse as they’re unpacked, repacked and stored unprotected year after year. Eventually, they’ll start to look less like a real tree and more like a Charlie Brown special.

To give them a little extra protection, try packing the individual pieces in concrete form tubes. Available at most hardware stores, these durable cylinders are available in a variety of diametres and they can be cut to length.



Christmas decorations come in all manner of shapes and sizes, so it‚Äôs difficult to come up with a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our Kelowna self storage experts have a number of clever tricks for specific items:

  • Egg cartons for small ornaments and tiny trinkets
  • Apple trays (or other produce containers) for larger-size decorations
  • Water bottles or paper towel rolls for beaded garlands
  • Coat hangers for wreaths (covered in large plastic bag)
  • Stockings (hosiery) to protect specialty candles

When you do manage to pack up your decorations, it‚Äôs a good idea to store them all together in larger totes. Again, labeling each one will help you find what you‚Äôre looking for when you drop by your Kelowna storage centre to do it all again next December.

For tips on packing a self storage unit effectively, read our post: How to Pack the Storage Units Kelowna Residents Use Most.


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