Kelowna Self Storage Tips: How to Pack Your Belongings Effectively

Posted on July 03, 2015

Kelowna Self Storage Tips for Moving

Using the right packing materials will help protect your belongings when preparing them for the trip to a Kelowna self storage centre.


Kelowna self storage units come in a wide variety of sizes and can hold a remarkable array of items. In order to fill your rental space efficiently, it's important to know how to pack your various types of personal possessions.

Not only does this ensure you fill your Kelowna storage unit effectively, it'll make it easier to find your belongings when you need them, and you'll be less likely to open a box full of damage goods.



When storing appliances, they should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. This includes:

  • Defrosting freezers
  • Degreasing ovens
  • Vacuuming or dusting the backs and hidden areas
  • Removing any food particles that could attract rodents

To keep appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines from smelling musty, keep their doors slightly open and place a box of baking soda inside.



To maximize your Kelowna self storage space, you should disassemble bed frames, tables and shelves. If you're doing this, it's important to place the hardware (nuts, bolts etc.) in a well-marked plastic bag, or you'll never put them back together again.

Desks and shelves with drawers are handy for storing smaller office items such as:

  • Staplers
  • Stationery
  • Phones
  • Calculators

You can also use drawers to store more delicate items such as dishware, pottery and ornaments, but you should protect them with adequate packaging material.

Before storing mattresses, couches, recliners and other larger pieces of furniture, cover them with old sheets, blankets or other protective fabric to avoid stains and other damage.


Computers and Electronics

There's a reason you hung on to the original packaging for your electronics, and this is it. Using the original box and packaging to store your cherished video game console will provide the best protection possible.

If you need to use a different box, make sure it's strong and that it provides as good a fit as possible. You should wrap any electronics in anti-static bags, then bubble wrap or other packing material to keep them safe.

For computers, be sure to back up your important files (either onto a CD, DVD or backup drive) in the off chance they get damaged during transport or storage.



Wrap all fragile items individually and store them in reinforced boxes, taking time to carefully fill in any gaps with extra packing material. It's important to clearly label these boxes as "fragile" as you might not be the only person lifting them.

Certain items need to be handle with special care:

  • Plates can be packed in dish boxes to provide extra protection
  • Mirrors, pictures and paintings should be wrapped in ink-free paper and stored vertically

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