Kelowna Storage Solutions for Students: Making the Most of Small Spaces

Posted on June 14, 2024

Don’t let limited living space limit you; Space Centre’s storage solutions and ideas can help!

Moving into student or shared accommodation can be one of the most taxing parts at the beginning of your educational journey. Whether you’re already a student and are living with roommates, or you’re about to begin an exciting experience of relocating to a different neighbourhood, city or province, you know the biggest constraint with such living conditions, is space. 

Student or shared accommodation is modest at best compared to your parents' house, so what can you do to maximize your space? Space Centre Storage has some solutions for you, so make more room on your to-do checklist; you’ll need it!

Self-storage solutions for students in Kelowna

  1. Rent a basic storage unit: Since student housing options are tiny spaces, you will not have the luxury of storing everything you had at home without it getting too cramped or cluttered. Outdoor equipment and decor that are seasonal, empty suitcases, the guitar that hasn’t been strummed since Christmas (but you still like to play a tune every now and then), or items of sentimental value are some things you can store at an external site. These items do not get used in your day-to-day life, so why have them take up space?

    If you’re moving back home for the summer and don’t want to lug ALL your belongings back and forth, store your items while you’re away and retrieve them once you’re back—an easy, hassle-free solution. At Space Centre Storage, we offer basic storage units that are affordable and easily accessible; plus, they’re indoors!

  2. Use file storage: As the name suggests, file storage is typically used for paperwork; however, there’s no harm in getting creative with it. If you aren’t actively using textbooks from a course you completed, or you’ve bought some books in advance for a future course, you could store them in a plastic file box that can be stored in our file shelving units. Took an art course and no longer use those supplies as often? Those can go in, too! This way, you can save on the costs required to rent an entire unit (especially if you don’t have many items to store). Bulky books that are not in use are a no-go while cozying up your space, so keep them safe at Space Centre and make more room for an organized life.

  3. Rent a Drive-up unit or MI-BOX: Do you need a larger space to store items you don’t use daily? Maybe you’ve got furniture that doesn’t fit in your current space, but you’d like to have it when you move out, bulky kitchen appliances, or winter gear like skis or ski poles. In these cases, it’d be best to rent one of Space Centre’s drive-up units, and you could even share the unit with your roommates or friends so your expenses get split!

    If you live off-campus in a shared home, you may even benefit from renting a portable MI-BOX container that can live in your driveway—provided your landlords approve of it. You and your roommates can pool in on the costs, and for organization, be sure to either clearly label your items or use colour-coded storage so everyone has designated areas and items don’t get mixed up. This way, you can retrieve items in the blink of an eye, the clutter isn’t reducing your living space in the house, and nobody is stepping over anyone’s toes for extra space. What’s better is if you can’t have it stored on the property anymore or are moving, we can pick it up and store it at our Space Centre Storage facility for you to access as and when you need it.

Apart from rental storage solutions, we’ve got some great tips on how you can maximize your space in a budget-friendly manner

  • Closet space: Closet spaces on campus accommodation can be ridiculously small, which is why you should store items vertically. Hanging shelves, shoe racks, roll-out drawers, and expandable closet rods are some ways in which you can efficiently use your space.

  • Bed storage: There’s plenty of space under beds that rarely gets used; however, it’s perfect for storing winter bedding, jackets, or anything else using flexible fabric bags, rolling storage boxes, or even drawers.

  • Wall space: This is yet another trick from the vertical storage playbook. While you won’t be able to use nails, command hooks are extremely handy! From organizing belts, hats, jewellery or even picture frames, they’re pretty versatile. You’ll have a neater, more spacious room that’s aesthetic too.

  • Multi-functional furniture: Fun furniture pieces that can double up as storage are your best friends when you’re tight on space. Think ottomans that open up and can store blankets or coffee tables with space underneath to store books.

If you’re in need of storage solutions to minimize your clutter and be your best, productive self, we can help! If you’re unsure of the storage space you’ll need, our storage unit size estimator is a great tool. Space Center Storage has been helping Okanagan residents since 1985, so if you’re ready to make the most of your college dorm, rental home, or apartment, reach out to us to learn more.

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