Kelowna Storage: the Short-term Solution for Temporary Situations

Posted on April 13, 2016

Temporary short term storage solutions

Kelowna storage is an ideal solution for out-of-town college students who need temporary storage when school is out.


Many folks use Kelowna storage units for long-term applications. It's an ideal way to store your goods without having to trip over them every time you set foot in the garage. But sometimes the need arises for a more temporary storage solution. When it does, it's nice to know there are self storage units available on for short-term applications.

It doesn't happen all that often, but there are times when temporary storage is a very useful thing. The challenge is many people don't recognize this as a viable solution. Here are a few examples:



When it comes to moving, most people tend to focus on three main things:

  • Packing
  • Transporting their belongings
  • Unpacking

These are undoubtedly key points to consider, however, moves seldom go off without a hitch. For example, there can sometimes be a delay between your moving date and possession date. If you've hired a professional mover, it will cost a lot for your goods to sit in one of their trucks for even just a few days.

By placing your belongings in a Kelowna storage centre until you're ready to move in, you can proceed at your own pace. Plus, if you are moving into a smaller abode, you always have the option of signing on for a longer term.



It's always an unfortunate situation when couples separate. It can also be quite awkward, which is why these matters are usually best dealt with swiftly.

A separation typically results in one partner leaving the shared accommodation. If that happens to be you, you might have to scramble to find a new place to live. A temporary self storage unit will:

  • Help you clear out quickly
  • Buy you time until you find a new home
  • Give you a chance to evaluate which items you want to keep



Let's say you plan the trip of a lifetime. We're not talking about two weeks in Mexico over the Christmas holidays. This would include months of travel across multiple continents to create a lifetime of memories.

If you're a renter, it might make more sense to give your notice, pack up your belongings, place them in a storage box and be on your way.

For more on this, read our post: Storage Containers and Other Options for Long-term Travellers.


Post-secondary Students

Unless you grew up in Kelowna (in which case you can freeload off of your parents), you're likely going to be renting somewhere or living in a dorm. If it's the latter, you'll need to find somewhere to place your stuff over the summer while you go tree planting in Northern BC in the summer to pay your tuition.

Fortunately, dorm rooms tend to be microscopic so you won't need a big Kelowna storage unit for your school-life belongings such as:

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Drawers
  • Books and school supplies
  • Computer equipment


Do you need a Kelowna storage centre that offers temporary storage solutions? Call Space Centre Storage to learn about the many options we have at our secure facility.

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