Kelowna Storage Units: 5 Reasons to Give the Garage Back to Your Car

Posted on December 07, 2014

Garage Stuffed Full Of Items

If you’ve noticed your vehicle glancing at your garage with envy, consider giving the garage back and putting your stuff in one of our Kelowna storage units. Source: Jack Popjes


Your car probably loves the outdoors just as much as the next Toyota, but when the thermometer dips below 0°C in the Okanagan, your car is probably cursing you and eyeing that warm, covered garage. Why not consider using Kelowna storage units for all your stuff, and the garage for your car?


1. You can extend the life of your vehicle and your tires.

After all, garages were invented as a home for vehicles, and Kelowna storage units for everything else.

Inside your garage, the exterior of your vehicle will be protected from the elements, especially the snow, ice and hail of winter. Plus, your tires will be exposed less to direct sunlight, which will help keep them in good shape longer and save you money.


2. You can keep thieves at bay.

If you’re concerned about vehicle theft and break-ins, storing your vehicle in the garage will be one more barrier to thieves. The garage will give you peace of mind that your car will be fine and that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a car theft or break-in.


3. You’ll be able to step into a warm vehicle. Every morning.

Imagine this: It’s -14C outside and your neighbours are darting around snow banks in their robes to let their vehicles run a while, and the cabin is still so cold their teeth are chattering as they roll out of their driveways. You, on the other hand, open the door to your garage and the driver’s side of your vehicle to a warm seat, clear windows and a ready engine.


4. You’ll actually be to find that cooler, tennis racket, seventies costume and band saw.

The thing about garages is stuff tends to pile up, and up, and up. With your items in one of our Kelowna storage units, you’ll be able to organize everything going in so you can keep the things you don’t need that often—inflatable mattresses and elfin lawn ornaments—in storage, and the things you do need—hockey sticks and paint brushes, at hand in your garage.


5. You’ll still have room for a beer fridge.

Good news! Garages were designed to fit most compact cars at the least, plus give you a bit of room to get around and store your tools and your beer.  Even with your wheels under the roof of the garage, you‚Äôll still be able to fit the all-important beer fridge in the garage, which is, of course, the second reason garages were invented.


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