Kelowna’s Very Unique Storage Facility

Posted on June 24, 2024


Space Centre Storage has been in action since 1985—that’s quite the legacy! That is also what makes us one of the best storage units in Kelowna: we offer secure, convenient, and affordable storage solutions to ensure that you experience nothing less than the best. 

What sets Space Centre Storage apart from all the other storage units in the Okanagan? No matter what your storage needs are - self-storage, heated storage, RV storage; you name it, we offer it with a little pinch of something extra! 

Kelowna’s One-Stop Personal Storage Facility

Space Centre Storage has all types of personal storage solutions for you! Need a simple, basic, low-cost storage solution? We’ve got basic units. Need a storage space that you can drive right to and is climate-controlled? Our Drive-up, heated units come with all the frills and whistles! Not sure what size or type of storage you need? Use our storage unit size estimator here, or talk to us anytime! We love giving advice! 

All our storage units (budget, extra, in-between) are individually alarmed. We offer pushcarts, forklifts (with licensed operators), and drive-in access to all our buildings. Our storage space is designed to simplify your life—from secure yet simple access to even bringing your storage space to you! That’s right: If you are looking for a portable storage container in the Okanagan Valley (or just want to load your items into your storage unit in one go), the MI-BOX is your friend! We will deliver your MI-BOX to your doorstep; you can pack it up in our own sweet time (did we mention that it fits great in a driveway?), and we will take it back to our storage facility to be stored in a climate-controlled unit! 

Who knew that self-storage in the Okanagan could be so simple?! 


RV Storage in Kelowna

With 12-foot-wide RV stalls that can hold 25-footers, 30-footers, and 40-footers, ourRV Storage sites are the best!

These RV stalls have a big turning radius (no more awkward turns) and come with fresh water and a sani dump! Fenced and paved with modern LED lighting, passcode entry and an alarm system with sirens and lighting - your RV is safe with us.


Moving Supplies for your Moving and Storage needs in the Okanagan

Walked into your Kelowna storage unit and forgot your tape? We’ve got you covered. Packing up all your seasonal extras and running out of boxes? We’ve got all kinds of storage boxes. Got a box of china from your grandma and need some bubble wrap? We’ve got yards of wrap!

From packing a mattress to storing your shoes, we’ve got the right packing and moving supplies to help you. We’ve also got the experience to help you pack using the right technique. If the daunting task of packing up your home, dorm room or even clearing out your attic seems to be too much, talk to our experts! We can advise you on how to pack and store anything (and we mean anything).

"Did you know that moving boxes are made to be more durable than regular cardboard boxes? And that there are special moving boxes designed to move large items like TVs and mirrors? The right material and the right packing technique can help keep your items safe when you move and store them."

Free move-in Vehicle with a Driver in Kelowna!

Does a storage unit fit exactly into your plans, but you don't have a way of transporting your items from your home, office, or dorm room to our storage facility? 

Enter ourFREE Move-in Truck / Van with a Driver! You load and unload, we will take care of the rest. We won’t let something as silly as transportation get in the way of your storage dreams. We’ve got you!

Free move-in truck in Kelowna 

Free move-in truck in Kelowna 

To infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond

Safe and Secure Storage in Kelowna with Space Centre Storage

How safe and secure is Space Centre Storage? Very very safe! We take security very seriously. Our facility is video-monitored by trained professionals and is security-patrolled by our on-site staff after hours. We have over 120 cameras that keep 120 eagle eyes over anything and everything that goes on in our storage facility.

As a Space Centre Storage customer, you get your own unique passcode to enter and exit the facility (sh… don’t share it!). Without that code, it’s impossible to crawl under, over or sneak through to our facility (we tried and tested this). We’ve also installed individual locker alarms and motion sensors, and our customers use disc locks to secure their own individual units.

We have the best security around, and you can rest easy about the safety of your storage unit. [And in case of an alien invasion, we also have a rocket on site! How cool is that?

"Did you know that Disc locks are arguably more secure than padlocks? The shackle on disc locks is rounded, making it difficult to cut with a pair of bolt cutters. And only a small part of the shackle is exposed. Disc locks have a closed shackle, whereas padlocks have an open shackle."

Kelowna’s Sustainable Storage Facility

119 Solar Panels power ourGreen Storage Facility in Kelowna. We truly believe in sustainability and social responsibility. This shift to renewable energy, while supporting Kelowna’s climate action plan, has also helped us reduce our energy consumption by 50%! This is a very big deal for a climate-controlled storage facility with 24/7 surveillance. With Space Centre Storage as your storage partner, you can rest assured that you’ve made a “green” choice.

Kelowna’s Green Storage Facility

Kelowna’s Green Storage Facility

How much does Storage cost in Kelowna? 

The cost of storage in Kelowna depends on your storage needs! At Space Centre Storage, a basic Self-Storage unit starts at $89 a month. But before you look at the numbers, be sure to pick the right storage unit size to fit your needs. You don't want to pay extra for unused space or walk in and realize that the space you booked is too small. As always, when in doubt, talk to us! We have been doing this for decades, and we would love to help you make the right storage choice!

No matter what your storage needs are, we’ve got you covered! We’ll keep your precious belongings safe and secure at our really cool storage facility (that comes with a rocket!). Drop in any time for a tour, click here to learn more about us, or contact us if you have any questions!

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