Make MI-BOX® Part of Your Moving Plan

Posted on February 25, 2019

mibox moving plan

Add MI-BOX® to your moving checklist and take comfort in a seamless moving experience.


Your realtor just called to announce that the buyers have accepted your counter offer and will be ready to move in next month. While you’re excited about the sale of your current home, your moving checklist has just quadrupled. Before your mind starts racing at the thought of moving in such a short time period, stop. Take a deep breath.

With the help of a MI-BOX® storage container rental, you can go ahead and pare down that massive to-do list.


A Moving Box Match Made in Heaven  

Not too long ago, Space Centre Storage and David’s Delivery paired up to bring their clients a new service aimed at simplifying the moving process. This new process allows homeowners to focus more efforts on relocating while spending less time packing and moving their items around. This seamless service can reduce stress, free up time, and simplify even the most frustrating moving scenarios. You can read more about this arrangement here: New Partnership Offers Full Service Moving and Storage Solution in Kelowna

When it comes to moving from one home to another, no two situations are exactly the same. That’s why this partnership is a dream come true for so many.

Let’s look at all the reasons how this new pairing can help: 


1. The House to House Move

You’ve closed on your home, and you’ve got a new one lined up. The moving dates even match up beautifully. You’ll be able to leave your current home and move into your new home the same day. It’s the happiest of all moving scenarios.

Simply call Space Centre Storage and set up a time to load up a moving box. Your storage container rental will arrive as promised. Following shortly behind it will be a moving team from David’s Delivery. They’ll transfer all your belongings from your home into the container, follow it to your new home, and unload it there for you.  


2. The Temporary Home

If you’ve sold your home but haven’t found your new forever home yet, you may find yourself living in a temporary home. If this place comes furnished, you won’t need the items you packed up until you move again.

In this situation, your fully loaded portable storage container can be easily moved into a climate-controlled storage facility. There it’ll sit, fully protected, until it’s time to furnish your new home.


3. The Last-minute Switcheroo

This moving scenario can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re doing all of the work yourself. You’ve got plans to move, but the rental you lined up suddenly becomes unavailable. Or maybe something comes up in the inspection for your new home, and you won’t be able to move as quickly as you thought.

When you utilize the SCS partnership arrangement, you can easily make adjustments based on your situation. They’ll be able to accommodate even the most last-minute request, saving you the stress and back pain of having to load and unload yet again.


If you’ve got a big move coming up, consider Space Centre Storage for all of your moving needs. We even offer all the moving equipment you’ll need, like packaging supplies, moving blankets, storage lockers, and portable storage containers. Contact us today for a free quote.

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