Make Your Garage Sale a Success

Posted on April 25, 2022

Make spring cleaning fun by hosting a garage sale with all the items that have been tucked away in storage

Make spring cleaning fun by hosting a garage sale with all the items that have been tucked away in storage

With the arrival of spring comes the urge to spring clean our homes. It's a great time to clear away the dust that has accumulated through the winter while decluttering at the same time. When a deep clean is done, we realize how much stuff we actually have. Once you've gone through each room, host a garage sale instead of just throwing everything back into storage to be dealt with again next year. Garage sales are a great way to part with some belongings you no longer need and to make a little extra cash.

Plan For Your Garage Sale

You don't need to hold a garage sale the same day or weekend you are doing your spring clean. Instead, consider renting a portable storage container such as a MI-BOX to keep the items you plan to sell. Doing it this way allows you to focus on the cleaning and then later go and sort through and plan for the garage sale.

By not putting stuff back into your home, you will realize how much extra storage space you have for regularly used items.

Tips For A Successful Sale

They say bigger is better, so why not talk to your neighbours to see if they'd like to make a neighbourhood garage sale. The more items for sale, the more people will be attracted to come and check yours out. It's a great way to support the community and get involved with your neighbours.

Don't forget to advertise. There are many classifieds and online marketplaces where you can put an ad up to promote your sale. Many people live for garage sales and often check these event boards to see where they are each weekend.

Do yourself a favour and price your belongings ahead of time. Doing this makes it easy for "customers" to browse without asking you for a price constantly. Having a storage container rental on your property allows you to go in, sort, and price everything on your schedule ahead of time.

Always host on the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are when people are out and about looking for fun things to do, so plan for a weekend.

Make It Fun

A garage sale doesn't have to be a boring thing to do. Make it fun! Get your kids involved by setting up a lemonade stand or having a face painting station for kids with their parents. Play some music as people will be more inclined to linger and shop if it's a fun environment.

Don't worry about rain. Using a storage container means you can host rain or shine because nobody wants to be in the rain all day. Once your garage sale is complete, you can decide to donate the remaining items or find Kelowna storage near you to house them until you know what you plan to do with them.

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