Maximizing Your Space: Tips for Efficiently Storing Summer Items in a Storage Unit

Posted on October 12, 2023

Tips for Efficiently Storing Summer Items in a Storage Unit

Cooler days are calling our names, and we all know what that means. It’s time for all those summer items to go back into hiding, safe and dry, ready for when warm, sunny days are near again. Over the years, you will inevitably collect tons of seasonal items, with new inventions being released a mile a minute; who can say no? But, to keep all your recreational toys in tip-top condition for when they can be used again, proper storage is key. You can opt for self-storage or consider renting a storage container according to your needs.

We’ll walk you through some steps to help you maximize your space and efficiently store your seasonal gear. You’ll finally be able to avoid racking your brains for where you stored your pool floaties when it’s beach/pool season again.

Step 1: Choosing appropriate storage

If your basement, attic, shed, or garage feels like it’s ripping at the seams and you’re constantly stepping on things or nudging objects away to get to the items you actually need, it’s time to consider alternative storage options near you. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Size: Do you have small items creating clutter that could easily fit inside a 4X6-foot storage locker? Or is it the big bulky paddle boards, kayaks, or dirt bikes that you’re looking to store? If you still feel undecided about the storage size you'll need, this is our helpful storage unit size estimator

  • Accessibility: Think about your daily routine and what would help you be efficient. Would it be better to have container storage in your lawn or parking space for items you need, or would you be more comfortable storing them at a storage facility with the option of driving through for access? 

  • Safety: Are the items you want to store fragile, expensive, sentimentally valued, or climate-sensitive? In those situations, consider self-storage facilities in Kelowna with video surveillance, keypad entry, climate-controlled units, and other security measures.

Step 2: De-cluttering your space 

The seasonal build-up witnessed at the end of every season is natural and must be tackled so you don’t fall prey to hoarding. As you sort through items you want to store, organize them into collections of things you want to keep, repair, donate, or discard. This will help you stay on top of your game, and your future self will thank you.

Step 3: Divide and conquer

  • Organizing by season: Arrange all your items by season, check which season the bulk of your items belong to, and then you can map out a plan of how and where you should store your items.

  • Frequency of use: It’s time to assess the seasonal items you may still reach for and those that will go into full hibernation. A storage unit would be apt for things like gardening tools and equipment you may not need for the upcoming months. However, for items like bikes or SUPs that you might still pull out while snow is a no-show, you could rent a MI-BOX portable storage container (bonus: will also effectively store your winter gear, aka, skis & snowboards) that will give you sufficient space to store items outside your home.

Step 4: Label, label, label

Labelling all your storage items is essential because no matter how good your memory is, you will not remember what is stored where, when confronted with multiple stacks of boxes. Label every packed box with a detailed list of items so you can make your trip to the storage unit an errand rather than a treasure hunt.

Step 5: Organize your storage

Arrange items you won't need as much towards the back of the unit, and keep items you frequently use towards the front for easy access. Always store heavier boxes closer to the ground and lighter boxes on top to save your shoulders from stress. 

Space Centre Storage has several secure self-storage options for all your seasonal items, including drive-through, covered or indoor access self-storage units, storage lockers, RV and boat storage, MI-BOX® portable storage containers in Kelowna and much more. Contact us and find out about all that we offer!

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