MI-BOX®: The Most Versatile Kelowna Storage Solution for Businesses

Posted on October 23, 2014

MI-BOX Kelowna Storage
MI-BOX® Kelowna mobile storage containers are a safe and easy, short-term or long-term, business storage solution.

Are you wondering what your restaurant is going to do with all that patio furniture over the winter, or how you’re going to keep extra inventory on-site through the holidays? Meet MI-BOX® Kelowna mobile storage containers, the secure and easy business storage solution. 

Why is the MI-BOX ideal for businesses?

Whether you own a waterfront restaurant or a retail store, there are times of the year when you have extra products, seasonal items, or furniture you need to store but just don’t have the room.

MI-BOX® Kelowna storage box rentals are ideal for businesses because they offer:


Secure storage.

The MI-BOX® protects your items from thieves, rodents, and the road. Our level lift system keeps items in place while the storage box is being moved, and a lockable roll-up door keeps items safe after hours.


Protection from the elements.

Unlike other Kelowna portable storage containers, the MI-BOX® design incorporates wood floors and ventilation to protect your items from condensation.


On-site or off-site storage.

If you have room behind your business, you’re welcome to keep your MI-BOX® with you so extra stock is always within arm’s reach.

If you don’t have the room or you won’t need access to the items for a while, you’re welcome to keep your storage box with us at our indoor MI-BOX® warehouse, offering warmth, security, and convenience. Just let Space Centre Storage know when you’ll be coming by, and our helpful staff will have your MI-BOX® waiting for you.


Convenience and adjustable terms.

With MI-BOX®, you have the freedom to use your storage container for a month or year-round to help you handle space shortages and extra inventory.

If your business is in the midst of a move or a renovation, these containers allow you to set aside and protect your items without the hassle of renting a commercial space or having to load and unload everything in just a day.


Ready to solve your business storage woes with a MI-BOX®? Read our post 3 Tips for Loading & Using MI-BOX® Kelowna Portable Storage Containers.


Space Centre Storage is located in Kelowna and offers a range of business storage and space solutions, including lease space, forklifts and loading docks, file storage, and self-storage.

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