MI-BOX® Portable Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on March 26, 2019

MI-BOX portable storage

Have a question about portable storage? We can answer that for you?


From moving house to storing seasonal items, a MI-BOX® storage container is the perfect solution for so many reasons. Homeowners love the convenience these containers provide. Even small business owners enjoy taking advantage of the benefits portable containers offer.

Wondering how a container can benefit you? Take a look at some of these most frequently asked questions.


How big are the portable storage boxes?

They’re about the size of one parking stall: 16 feet long, 8 feet tall and just over 7 feet wide.


What are the containers made out of?

A MI-BOX® is built with Duraplate® walls and a sturdy steel frame. It’s weather and theft resistant, which makes it ideal for storing on your property.


How much does it cost to rent a container?  

On average, the cost of borrowing a container to store on your property starts at $129 a month. You will also need to budget for taxes and delivery fees on top of that.


Will my items shift if I have it moved to a storage facility?  

The MI-BOX® container is moved using a ‘Level Lift System’ that ensure your items do not shift during transport.


Will my items be safe?  

When you rent a container, you’ll be able to supply your own lock. That means you’ll be the only one with keys. Plus, the walls are built using composite walls, which means your items inside will stay safe and dry.


Are these containers only used for storage?  

These containers have been used for various purposes in the past. For an idea on some of the jobs these containers have performed, check out our previous post: 5 Crazy Creative Uses for MI-BOX® Storage Containers.


What makes these containers different from regular storage units?  

Because these units are portable, the storage options are nearly limitless. You can store seasonal items, business-related items, or use the box as a temporary garden shed, for example. You’re also able to access your items with ease when it’s parked on your property instead of hopping in the car and heading to your unit at the local storage facility. And once it’s loaded, you can have it transported anywhere you’d like.


Are the boxes for residential use only?

No, these storage boxes are available for commercial use as well. As long as you have a space the size of a parking lot available, you can store the MI-BOX® anywhere you’d like.


When would I need one of these units?

These containers are great whenever you need additional space or are moving your belongings from one place to another. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Downsizing
  • Moving from one home to another
  • Landscaping equipment/tool storage
  • Renovations and remodelling
  • Storing surplus items (i.e., hotels, retail shops, etc.)
  • Building and construction site storage
  • Storing seasonal gear and equipment


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