MI-BOX® Storage Containers: 3 Useful Applications for Businesses

Posted on April 20, 2016

Last-minute moving storage container

MI-BOX® storage containers are commonly used by businesses that require temporary storage solutions.

The logistical challenges that come with running a commercial enterprise are many. From storing products to relocating your entire operation, there are times when storage containers can certainly help you stay on top of things. In particular, MI-BOX® containers are extremely convenient due to their easy portability.

These handy, not-so-little units—they measure seven feet wide by eight feet tall by 16 feet long—have helped countless business owners save time and money. And when used with a little strategic forethought, they can increase the overall efficiency of your operation.

To give you an idea of just how versatile these storage containers are, here are several scenarios where they have helped businesses just like yours.


1. General Business Storage

Overcrowded floor plans and stock rooms that are beyond capacity are two things a business owner never wants to see. Among other things, it can:

  • Deter customers
  • Lead to inventory shrinkage
  • Frustrate employees

By offloading your excess inventory into a MI-BOX® container—either as a temporary solution or on an ongoing basis—it will free up space and allow you to serve your customers more effectively. It will also create a more appealing sales environment.


2. Moving Your Business

Anytime you move your business, it can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s exciting because you have an opportunity to expand your operation. It can be overwhelming because there is a risk of:

  • Lost productivity to downtime
  • Moving complications
  • Damaged or lost inventory and equipment
  • Initial growing pains at your new location

These can all affect your bottom line in different ways, some of which will be beyond your control. Two things you can control are how and when you move. With MI-BOX® storage containers, you can have them delivered to your business as far in advance as you like. This gives you plenty of time to plan for your move and it lets you decide when you want to pack and load your goods.

And when your mobile storage container is loaded and ready, all you have to do is make a call and a professional driver will come and bring it to your new location.


3. Business Warehouse Storage

There are bound to be times when you require a little additional storage space to manage your business. The need could be based on seasonal trends, ongoing business demands or even one-off events. Some examples include:

  • Construction and renovation
  • Storing seasonal inventory and display items
  • Archiving important files and documents
  • Temporary storage for moving businesses

For more permanent storage needs, many businesses also use commercial self-storage. Kelowna storage companies like Space Centre Storage offer their business customers value-added services such as:

  • Forklifts
  • Loading docks
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Climate-controlled storage

To learn more about commercial self-storage options, check out our post: Commercial Self Storage in Kelowna: Drive-up or Drive-through?



Are you constantly running out of inventory room with your business? Call Space Centre Storage to learn about our MI-BOX® storage containers. These portable containers have the versatility to address a number of common operational challenges.

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