More MI-BOX®: 11 Common Storage Container Uses We Love

Posted on June 21, 2017

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Looking for a storage solution? Consider a MI-BOX®.

MI-BOX® storage containers are the perfect solution for oh-so-many jobs. Their portability, convenience, and affordable rental rates make them the go-to storage solution for many Kelowna residents. In fact, their uses aren’t just limited to locals. Portable storage containers are being used all around the world for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some of the more common uses we love storage containers for.


1. Landscaping Storage

The rocks, the tools, and the materials involved with a big landscaping project can take up a lot of space around the home. Tucking items that aren’t in use away into a storage container can free up some much-needed space.


2. Downsizing

People downsize for a variety of different reasons. A storage container can make the process much simpler during the downsizing process.


3. Renovations

Move your furniture and boxes of possessions into a storage container instead of a spare bedroom. Instead of losing the functionality of two rooms, you’ll only lose the use of the one room being renovated.


4. Seasonal Possessions

Store your out-of-season items in a container instead of in your garage or basement, especially during the winter months when cabin fever starts to settle in. The extra space will be a welcome sight.


5. Garden Shed Stand-in

If your home doesn’t have a garden shed and you’re not in a rush to build one, use a container rental to house your garden tools in the interim.


6. A Long-Distance Move

Packing up and moving your items from one province to another is a lot of work. Skip the moving truck and use a portable storage container instead. Simply load it up, lock it, then have the professionals move it to your new home. It’ll be waiting for you when you arrive there.


7. Farm Storage

A barn can be an expensive building to construct. Skip the big price tag and pick up a storage container instead. It can house your tools and machinery safely and affordably.


8. Vineyard & Distillery Products

Local vineyards are discovering the benefits of storing their vineyard and distillery tools and products in storage containers when space is tight during harvest season.


9. Expanding Businesses

When a small business expands or a large business downsizes storage options can be limited. A MI-BOX® can be a simple solution during the moving process.


10. Hotel Storage

During peak seasons, some hotels are turning to storage containers. From extra linens to staff uniforms, this storage solution is becoming more desirable in the hotel industry.


11. Building Site Storage

Storage containers located in front of new home construction is becoming more of a common display. That’s because storage containers can keep building materials and tools out of sight and poor weather.


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