Moving? 5 Tips for Packing and Using Storage Containers

Posted on April 24, 2017

Packing and Using Self Storage Containers

Brush up on your skills for moving and packing your items away in storage containers by reading our post.

Switching homes can be a fun and exciting process. Between looking for a new place to live and exploring the new area, many people enjoy moving. However, packing and loading up storage containers can be a big job. To help streamline the process, we've compiled a couple tips so you can spend less time packing and storing and more time exploring. 


Digging Through Your Belongings

One of the biggest jobs of moving house is packing. A lot of times, this is a great opportunity to purge any unwanted or unneeded items and organize the items left behind. Once that stage is done, it's time to move into packing. 


Tackling the Packing

It's important to be organized before the packing process begins. Make sure you have ample supplies ready, such as: 

  • A couple different sizes of boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Packing peanuts or newspaper

There are many different ways to go about packing, but it can be much easier if you follow some simple guidelines. When packing your stuff, try to remember these tips: 

  • Pack heavy items into small boxes and light items in large boxes
  • Label every box with the room it belongs in and items inside
  • Consider keeping a more detailed master list
  • Use towels and linens as packing paper when packing fragile items
  • Keep all power cords with the components they belong to


Mastering the Move

Make the call: Before you even start packing, call and organize a set time and date for the moving truck to arrive. This way, you can ensure all your items are packed and ready to be loaded once the driver arrives. If you've got friends coming to your aide, be sure to send the invite to them well in advance of moving day. 

Get organized: If you're doing the moving on your own, make sure to have the appropriate number of tie downs on hand. It's important to secure your load properly. 


Storing in Storage Containers

If your belongings are headed to storage for a few weeks, you should consider a MI-BOX® storage container rental. These handy containers can be loaded up right in your front yard and transported to wherever they need to go with one simple phone call. 

To get the most out of your storage rental, follow these tips: 

  • The items you are least likely to need should be stored at the back of the container
  • Store items on pallets to keep air circulating
  • If items get wet while being moved into the container, be sure to dry them off before closing the container doors


For a list of items that shouldn't be stored in your portable container, check out our previous post: Storage Containers: Some Items Aren't Meant for Storing



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