Moving Checklist: Forwarding Address to Kelowna Storage Box Rentals

Posted on December 27, 2014

Kelowna storage box rental moving checklist

MIBOX® Kelowna mobile storage units and this handy moving checklist help make your move as smooth as possible.


Nothing says moving like boxes and packing tape, but if you’re moving into a new home in the next two months, set aside the black markers for a moment and start with a moving checklist. What’s at the top? Booking your Kelowna storage box rentals.

To help you make your move even smoother, we’ve created this handy checklist to help keep you stay organized and on track as you begin to fill your mobile storage container.


Moving Checklist


Two Months Before Moving Day 

  • Call to book your MIBOX® Kelowna mobile storage units. You can get a quick quote online or call us at 1-778-760-1713. They‚Äôre 112 square feet, and they can hold three or four rooms. Some homeowners rent just one storage container while others rent two or three.
  • Take an inventory of everything you have on a piece of paper or on your computer. Divide items according to things that can go in your mobile storage unit:
    1) a week or more before moving day OR
    2) not until moving day (such as your mattress or the fridge).
  • Fill out change-of-address forms for magazine subscriptions, banks, and other places that send mail to your home.


Six Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Send an email to family and friends letting them know when moving day is so they can ‚Äòupdate their address books‚Äô for sending cards, etc. Hopefully they‚Äôll offer to help!
  • Start making your way through the freezer and stop buying frozen goods. Gifted lasagnes, hashbrowns and last summer‚Äôs salmon all need to be cooked and consumed before the big day.
  • Arrange a delivery date for your MIBOX® Kelowna mobile storage units. Some homeowners like to take their packing slow, and have their container dropped off a month before moving day, while others give themselves two weeks or even less to load up their things.


One Month Before Moving Day

  • Prepare for the arrival of your storage container. Make sure there‚Äôs room in the driveway and that you‚Äôre home for the delivery. Then, plan what will go into the MIBOX® first. We suggest items you won‚Äôt need access to, such as camping gear or painting supplies. Be sure to distribute the weight evenly throughout your container to help make sure the container won‚Äôt be at risk of tipping or damaging your things. Read our post 3 Tips for Loading & Using MIBOX® Kelowna Portable Storage Containers.
  • Hold a garage sale so you can de-clutter and take only what you really need. Several charities are also willing to pick up goods you want to donate.
  • Put together a ‚Äòhome binder‚Äô with owner‚Äôs manuals, receipts, etc. for the new homeowners. It‚Äôs good moving karma, and they‚Äôll be more apt to pass on any of your mail that ends up in their hands.


Less than Two Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Pack a suitcase for you and your family members so you have enough clothes to get you through a few days before and a few days after the move.
  • Pack a box of ‚Äòload last‚Äô items that you‚Äôll need in the first 48 hours at your new home and make sure they go in your mobile storage containers last.  These items might include toilet paper, alarm clocks, bottled water, toiletries, pet food, etc.
  • Clean and disconnect appliances.
  • Take readings of your utilities.


Moving Day/Delivery Day

  • Leave a note with a forwarding address and telephone number so the new residents can reach you and pass on mail.
  • Make sure you‚Äôre at your new home for the drop-off of your container. Once it‚Äôs arrived, do a quick check to make sure everything is fine.
  • Unpack at your leisure! Remember you can keep your storage box rental for as long as you like, at your new residence or in the warm and secure indoor storage warehouse at Space Centre Storage.


Space Centre Self Storage offers a range of moving and storage solutions for both residential and commercial use. From mobile storage boxes and RV and boat storage to commercial lease spaces with access to a forklift and load docks, our team is here to help.

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