The Moving Quick Checklist: 'A' to 'U' in Kelowna Storage Unit

Posted on May 13, 2016

Handy moving checklist

Moving in a hurry? Use our handy checklist to help organize your tasks. From finding a Kelowna storage unit company to packing up the truck, this checklist is your step-by-step guide to moving quickly and effectively.

Hurray! You've just sold your house. But the purchaser has requested a kind of crazy early possession date: three weeks from today. Your brain is already generating a to-do list and visions of tape, boxes, a Kelowna storage unit, more boxes, tape, and more boxes. Before you hyperventilate, we give you our very handy ‚"honey-we-are-moving-in-less-than-a-month" checklist.


1. Take a deep breath. Feel better? Right. Onto Step 2!

2. Print this checklist and keep it with you. At all times. You'll need a guide to keep you on track once you start feeling like you're being pulled in all directions. By keeping yourself grounded with a checklist, you'll be able to forge ahead and not miss any important details.

3. Find yourself a Kelowna storage unit company that's easily accessible all hours of the day and offers a free truck and driver. When it comes down to the wire, you'll need a little help getting your newly packed possessions to your unit.

4. Call your utility providers and let them know what date you'll be moving out. This task can often get overlooked when a move is rushed, and phoning now will ensure you don't get billed once you've left.

5. Stop by your local post office and have all your mail forwarded to your new address. Once you're settled in at your new place, you can start updating your address with your bank and other providers at your convenience.

6. Start calling in favours. If your friends and family are available to help you move, let them know as soon as possible what day you'll need assistance. They'll appreciate the notice, even if it is short notice.

7. Skip the grocery store and start eating whatever you've got on your shelves. The less you have to pack and move on moving day, they more time you'll have for more important things.

8. Start gathering up packing materials. You'll need boxes, tape, packing paper, black markers, and bubble wrap. In most cases, the same place that houses your storage rental unit offers these packing materials as well.

9. Start packing! And don't forget to label your boxes too. Once your boxes head to your Kelowna storage unit, you'll never remember what went where. By taking the time to label your boxes, you'll feel more efficient and organized which will keep you focused and in the fast-paced moving game.

10. Sort your packing, start by packing up the items you haven't used in a month or more. These are non-essential items that you won't miss during your move.

11. Pack a suitcase and all daily use items like toothbrushes and deodorant last. You'll definitely want these with you. By packing them into a suitcase and not a box, you'll be able to ensure your little survival kit doesn't accidently end up at your Kelowna storage unit instead of travelling with you to your final destination.

12. Load up the moving truck and wave bye-bye as your items safely travel from your old home to your Kelowna storage unit. For tips on how to load the truck, check out our post: 5 Tips for Effectively Packing a Moving Truck

13. And you're done! Congratulations.

Now that you've survived your really quick move, go celebrate! 


If you are moving out but are not able to get into your new home just yet, the MI-BOX® mobile storage containers may be just what you need. Read more in our post: How a MI-BOX® Storage Container Can Help Your Last-minute Move.


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