Moving with a MI-BOX®: Set Your Own Schedule

Posted on July 31, 2017


If you've got a move coming up, pick up a MI-BOX® storage container rental and save yourself some time.

After spending months (or weeks) searching for your dream home, you've finally found it. The deal's gone through, and a possession date has been set. Now it's time to think about moving and storage before packing up your current home. Oh, and there are other details to consider as well.

However, there are lots of ways to go about preparing for a move. If you've got nothing but time until your possession date, we've compiled a few tips to keep the moving process running smoothly.


1. Draw up a Moving and Storage Timeline

Before you even make your first phone call or pack up the first box, you should get a handle on your upcoming schedule. There are lots of things to do before setting foot in your new home.

Here's a sample schedule to point you in the right direction:


2 Months Before Move
  • Draft up the timeline
  • Start sorting
  • Search out moving companies and storage facilities
  • Stock up on moving supplies
  • Consider hosting a garage sale


6 Weeks Before Move
  • Notify schools and workplaces regarding the impending address change
  • Check in with your medical professionals and ask for copies of all medical records
  • Hire a moving company and consider renting a portable storage container


1 Month Before Move
  • Pack the non-essentials and store them away in a portable container
  • Notify utility companies
  • Notify landlord (if applicable)
  • Start using up frozen and canned foods
  • Make arrangements for pets and plants
  • Complete a change of address form at the post office
  • Speak with your home insurance provider


2 Weeks Before Move
  • Get packing! Nearly everything should be sorted and ready to be packed by this stage
  • Pack all valuables separately in a safe or secure location and bring them with you on moving day
  • Make arrangements to have the place cleaned once you move out
  • Properly dispose of all items that won't be making the trip to the new place


1 Week Before Move
  • Double check with the moving company to ensure moving dates are set
  • Pack a bag of essentials to be kept with you during the move


Day of the Move
  • Assist the movers and provide direction where needed
  • Do one last check of the old place to make sure nothing gets left behind

For more helpful moving tips, check out our previous post: Moving? 5 Tips for Packing and Using Storage Containers.


2. Arrive at the New Place

Now that you and all your possessions have arrived, it's time to get settled. Take your time unloading and unpacking the mobile storage container while you get a feel for your new home. Now all that's left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the new surroundings. 


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