New Beginnings: Easy storage solutions for newlyweds

Posted on March 28, 2024

Out with the old and in with the new: moving in together takes a little planning.

As newlyweds embarking on the exciting journey of merging your lives, blending your belongings can be a delightful yet tricky challenge … especially if you’ve lived separately before your marriage. Decisions have to be made on which furniture items or personal pieces need to go, so welcoming a storage unit from Kelowna’s Space Centre Storage can be incredibly useful in this situation. It offers a temporary solution to store valued extra items until you can decide what will be kept, donated or discarded.

Need some tips on how to keep this shared moving process smooth - or know someone who does? Read on!

Assess all belongings for your self-storage needs: 

Before you start, take an inventory of your larger items to identify any duplicates that won’t be needed. Prioritize and decide which items - from furniture, kitchenware, and electronics to sentimental items - are important to keep for your new home. These conversations might trigger some sensitive feelings, so tread lightly.

Explore your storage unit options:

At Kelowna’s Space Centre Storage, you can choose from various drive-up, climate-controlled storage units in different sizes to easily pick the one that suits you best. There is also car, RV and boat storage on site. Perhaps instead, you need an MI-BOX mobile storage container that can be delivered to your driveway, allowing you to pack at your own pace. Once you’re finished loading it, it will be picked up and stored securely for you. Whatever you choose, Space Centre has everything you need to help, from handy packing boxes for moving to a rentable moving truck. 

Declutter and Downsize: 

You both want to start your new life together feeling tidy and organized. Working together, use the storage container you’ve chosen to temporarily store items that you know you don’t need in your new home … or have not been able to decide about. Over time, you can land on what to keep, sell, donate, or discard without feeling overwhelmed. Think of the storage unit as a transitional space where you can gradually merge your lives together. Take the time to use and label sturdy storage containers that will keep your items clean and dry.

Seasonal Storage Options: 

Agree that it makes sense to store bulky seasonal items to free up space in your new home. The experts at Kelowna Storage can help guide you when it comes to packing away holiday decorations, winter clothes, summer patio furniture or sports equipment. 

Enjoy the Flexibility: 

A huge benefit of a Kelowna storage unit is its flexibility in terms of rental duration and size. Need extra space? No problem, that can be arranged. Need less? That’s easy, too. And whether it’s short-term or long-term, your Kelowna storage experts are happy to work with you.

Marriage is a joyous adventure, so embrace and enjoy the moving and storage unit shuffle, newlyweds! With a little organization and teamwork, wave goodbye to stress as you get creative, chuckle over shared memories and get packing to set the stage for a blissful, clutter-free life together.

Space Centre Storage can answer any questions about safely storing your items. Contact us today to inquire about storage solutions for you.

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