Organizational Hacks: Using Self-Storage to Maximize Space in Small Apartments in Kelowna

Posted on August 23, 2023

Using Self-Storage to Maximize Space in Small Apartments in Kelowna

Have you ever felt like pulling your hair out in frustration because your life just doesn't seem to fit in your cozy apartment or condo? You've already attempted the tried and tested methods of donating or discarding, but there are always items that fall into the pile of sentimental value or the good old ‘I might need this later’ pile. 

If these scenarios are hitting too close to home, it’s time to consider some self-storage options. Kelowna is a bustling city with loads to do, and as summer is on its last breath, you want to make the most of it by relieving your pent-up stress and opting for some helpful storage solutions to fix your closet that’s been bursting at the seams. 

First, the elephant in the room, or rather, your home, must be addressed. Your apartment has limited space; there are only so many hobbies, seasonal or ‘what if’ items that it can accommodate. What if you knew of a way to store everything that’s eating up space and stopping you from living your minimalist, cozy dream? Lucky for you, Space Centre Storage has the perfect solution for you.

Storage in Kelowna just got easier with SCS’s personal storage units. Let’s walk you through the options available: 

  1. Drive-Up Heated Unit: These units will offer you the most deluxe experience as you can drive up right beside your unit, unload, and load your belongings without worrying about the elements. Moreover, their heated feature will protect the wooden furniture you've been wanting to DIY or the wine bottle you’ve been saving for Christmas and ensure they're pristine for when you need them. 

  2. Drive-Up Unit: These units offer the same benefits as the one above, save for the fact that they aren’t heated, so if you do not have precious items that will need heat to survive, this drive-up unit might be your best bet.

  3. Heated Unit: If you haven’t had the time to store your belongings till winter, these heated units are super convenient. Push carts are available for a smooth move which adds to the comfort of a heated building. The guitar you rarely play or the batteries you found on sale will also thank you for the heat!

  4. Basic Unit: These units are perfect if you’ve only got knick-knacks or items that can weather the storm and don’t need heat. You can still drive up right outside the hallway of units and avail of a push cart to easily transfer items to and from the storage unit.

Here’s a handy table that might help you weigh your options:

Type of Unit

Drive-Up Heated Unit

Drive-Up Unit

Heated Unit

Basic Unit
















If you would like to prioritize convenience and take it up a notch, there’s also the option of renting a MI-BOX portable storage container. It is the best solution if you want to de-clutter your space but also keep your belongings close. It is also beneficial if you are planning on renovating your apartment or condo and are in dire need of extra space or if your family or friends plan an impromptu breakfast and you need to get the waffle maker out in record time. Here are some MI-BOX features that will leave you wanting to learn more:

  • SCS will pick it up and deliver it so you can load it at your convenience.

  • It can be stored wherever you need it, whether near you or inside a climate-controlled warehouse. 

  • It is made up of rust and weatherproof materials. 

  • The level lift system used during loading will protect your items from shifting or moving around the storage unit.

  • It fits in a standard parking spot! (7ft x 8ft x 16ft).

  • SCS has professional drivers and staff on-site that truly make this container storage portable.

Just to give you an extra boost of inspiration, here is a good starting point for items you could potentially store in your personal storage unit:

  1. Camping equipment (tents, foamies, the works)

  2. Water sports equipment (kayaks, paddle boards, dry bags)

  3. Workout equipment

  4. Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, helmets

  5. Winter gear (snowboards & skis)

  6. Winter clothing (aka all those bulky knits that can’t be stuffed into compact spaces)

  7. Seasonal decor items (Christmas, Halloween - save those jump scares for later)

  8. Painting equipment, toolboxes

  9. Gardening supplies

  10. Memorabilia (photo albums, yearbooks, wedding garments)

Space Centre Storage can answer any of your questions around safely storing your items. They are the largest facility in the Okanagan and have been serving residents since 1985. Contact them today to inquire about the perfect storage solutions.

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