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Posted on September 20, 2021

Kelowna Boat Storage

Prepare. Winterize. Store. We take a look at your storage options for your boat!

The seasons are changing and fall is just a step away! Have you been thinking about storing your summer toys, like your boat? There are some things to consider when it comes to boat storage. Are you going to store your boat inside or outside? How will you winterize your engine? What are the steps to prepare my boat for storage? Don’t start your fall season with stress, read on to prepare yourself for fall!


Prepare Your Boat

The first thing to do is haul your boat away from the dock. The shoreline or marina will only promote damage to your boat from the elements and sitting idly in the water. 

Call your local boat service provider to schedule an appointment to get your oil changed, lubricated, and serviced before getting it ready for storage. Making sure your boat is healthy and happy before sitting in a storage facility will make for a stress-free spring!

Finally, you will want to remove all of your personal belongings from the boat before shrink-wrapping it. When you leave life jackets, wakeboards, and water clothes in your boat it could cause damage to your items. If you don’t want to leave them in your garage or basement, store them in a personal storage locker


Winterize Your Boat

It is vital to drain all of the internal water from your boat before storing it. This includes water tanks, ballast tanks, and fuel lines. If you skip this step, you run the risk of all liquids freezing and causing expensive damage to your boat.

It may seem counterintuitive, but after you have drained the fuel lines of residual marine fuel, you should ensure that the fuel tank is full. Condensation can form while your boat sits in long-term storage. This can cause damage to your engine when you start the boat in the spring. Be sure to add a fuel stabilizer to your tank, this will help to keep the gas stays fresh while sitting idle.

Apply exterior wax to your boat to help protect the fibreglass while it is in storage. If you opt for outdoor storage at your home or a facility, the boat’s hull will be exposed to the elements. It is also important to prep the interior of your boat - clean up debris, treat the fabric or leather upholstery, and shampoo the carpets to keep your boat from attracting mold while in


Indoor VS Outdoor Storage

Now you are ready to decide where you are going to store your boat. Are you living within city limits or are you looking for an economical option to store your boat over the winter months? Let’s take a look at the differences between indoor and outdoor storage options

Indoor Storage

This option can bring a lot of benefits to your boat, like offering a climate-controlled storage environment, theft protection, and being safe from the environmental elements.

However, there are cons to storing your boat indoors. For most people living in the city, space can be limited. So, you will have to rent an indoor space. This can become very costly. One other issue could be that your indoor space could be very far from your home. With limited options on indoor boat storage facilities, you may be forced to drive a long distance.


Outdoor Storage

This option is the most budget-friendly, for boat owners that have the space to store their boat. Keeping your boat at home will reduce anxiety for most owners because they are able to keep tabs on their boat and make sure that it is safe.

Although, it can cause a host of problems, like being exposed to sun, snow, and wind. The boat is at a higher risk of theft and vandalism while it is being stored for a long period of time. There is also the risk of having a family of critters making your boat their winter home!


Making an educated decision for your summer toy is the best option for you. Knowing that you made the best choice for your circumstances will help to make your fall easier. At Space Centre Storage, we offer outdoor boat storage to securely and safely store your boat. We offer 12’ wide stalls, security surveillance, with a fenced and paved space for easy storage


For more information, read What Happens When You Store Things Outside 


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