Moving? Get Prepared with Portable Storage Containers

Posted on February 28, 2017

Get Prepared with Portable Storage Containers

Moving soon? Get prepared and stay on time with portable storage containers.

Now that the For Sale sign in your front yard has been embellished with a big SOLD sticker, it's time to get yourself organized for the big move. From renting portable storage containers to finally clearing out the garage, it feels like there are a million things to do. Now that moving day is on the horizon, follow our helpful tips, draw up a quick timeline and checklist, and be prepared for your smoothest move ever. 


Get Organized

Before frantically packing up all your belongings, take a deep breath and get yourself organized. Some of the things you can do to achieve this include: 

  • Envision your new home and how you want it set up. If certain belongings aren't part of your new vision, use this as an opportunity to declutter and purge all your extra possessions. The less you need in your new home, the less you'll have to lug over to the new place. 
  • Invest in good labelling practices. Use colour-coded labels to identify which box belongs in which room of the house. You can even keep a separate list that itemizes the contents of each box. Then when you're unpacking, you can just refer to the master list to see which box you need. 
  • Start an essentials-only stash. These are items you'll need as soon as you arrive at your new place. Some of these items include: 
    • Dishes/paper plates and cutlery
    • Trash bags
    • Towels
    • Bedroom linens
    • Shower curtain
    • Toilet paper


Develop a Timeline

The last few days before the move-out day are always hectic, but to save yourself a little moving day grief, develop a checklist with expected completion dates. Here's an example of a timeline you can use: 


2 Months Before the Move

  • Start sorting through items that aren't frequently used
  • Decide what needs to be kept, tossed, or donated
  • Research storage companies that offer MI BOX® portable storage containers


4-6 Weeks Before the Move

  • Purchase moving supplies like boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap
  • Plan a garage sale
  • Notify utility companies, the school, and your landlord about the upcoming move
  • Start packing up non-essential items


3 Weeks Before the Move

  • Change your address
  • Transfer your home insurance
  • Get your vehicles serviced, especially if you're planning a long-distance move


2 Weeks Before the Move

  • Finish packing
  • Start cleaning


1 Week Before the Move

  • Confirm with the moving company and realtor that everything is still on target
  • Start working on your essential stash


A Few Days Before the Move

  • Pack up and keep important documents nearby
  • Empty and clean the freezer and refrigerator
  • Start double-checking for any items that may have been missed


Moving Day

  • Work with your movers to ensure everything gets packed up properly
  • Do one final sweep to make sure nothing has been left behind


If you're ready to start planning a successful garage sale before the big move, check out our previous post to discover how a storage container rental can add big benefits: MIBOX® & More: How to Have a Great Garage Sale


If you're looking for portable storage containers to help with your move, have a chat with the storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage. We offer competitive rates and a free move-in truck and driver.

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