How to Prevent Flood Damage in an Affordable Storage Unit

Posted on May 26, 2017

Prevent Flood Damage in an Affordable Storage Unit

Protect the items in your Kelowna storage unit with these helpful tips.

As the cooler winter temperatures warm, copious amounts of spring run-off start their journey down the mountains. Pair that with heavy rainfall, and it's a recipe for floods and mudslides. If some of your beloved belongings are stashed away in an affordable storage unit somewhere in the Okanagan, it's a great idea to prepare your locker for flood season in advance. Although most facilities will take proper steps to ensure your items are safe, disasters can happen at any time and can't always be controlled. Take the first step in preventing flood damage by following some of these storage-safety steps. 


Carefully Choose Packing Materials

Instead of using cardboard boxes to store your items, switch to plastic totes. They're waterproof and easy to stack. To easily check inside for water damage, use clear plastic totes instead of coloured ones. This way, you can take a peek for water damage without having to un-stack or open each one up.  


Utilize Shelving in Your Storage Unit

It's always a good idea to keep your boxes and totes up off the floor. One way to do this is to install quality shelving in your storage locker. Make sure the shelving is sturdy and will stand up to floodwater exposure. Check with your storage provider to see if it's possible to anchor the shelving to the wall. If not, invest in a really sturdy shelf and keep the heavier items on the lower shelves to help prevent tipping. 


Stack on Pallets

Besides providing circulating airflow to your bigger items, pallets are also great protection when it comes to water entering your storage rental. If your storage facility is located in an area that may endure flooding, keeping your items stacked on pallets is a really great practice to get into. 


After the Flood

If your affordable storage unit or mobile storage containers have become flooded, minimize damage by visiting the storage space as soon as possible. Water damage can become an issue even if a small trickle of water has entered the storage unit. This is because moisture alone can cause damage to more fragile items if left alone for an extended period of time.

If your storage unit has been flooded, you'll need to clean and dry it properly before re-storing your items. If some items have become damaged beyond repair, you should put a call in to your insurance provider to see what steps need to be taken for reimbursement.  

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