Recently Moved? Time to Declutter

Posted on November 04, 2021

Donate your unused items to local organizations to help community members in need.

You packed up your house in a hurry and now you are spending the night in your home with moving boxes strewn across the floor and plastic totes filled with - let’s face it - odds and ends. Now, what do you do? It is time to declutter and practice the 3 R’s that we were all taught in grade school - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. There are many places in the Okanagan that accept recycling, old clothing, books, and will even come to pick up your moving boxes! Let’s take a look at some organizations in Kelowna and how they can help you to declutter your new home!


Renew Crew

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central & Southern Interior of BC have created a program that supports our community; not only with recycled textiles, but by providing jobs, creating a diverse consumer market, and participating in school programs. You can donate clothing and household items to this not-for-profit organization, and they will sell them in their thrift stores to help fund their school programs. 


Kelowna Friends Of The Library

If you are a book worm that needs to make more space to read more books, you can donate gently used books to this local organization. These books will supply the Okanagan Public Libraries to be used by our community. There are drop-off bins located throughout Kelowna or you can drop off boxes of books to their main sorting centre. They will not take books that are damaged, have markings on the pages, are out-of-date, or audiobooks. 


Kelowna Food Bank

Who hasn’t found a can of pumpkin that we were going to use over Thanksgiving to make a scrumptious festive pie; unfortunately, we didn’t get around to baking it. Do not let it go to waste! Instead of throwing away the perishables that you won’t use, donate them. The Central Okanagan Food Bank is always in need to help feed the valley. They have many programs in place to grow fresh food to provide to families in need. From seniors, struggling families, or adults that need help to get on their feet, this organization is always there to feed you.


Habitat For Humanity 

The housing market - especially in the Okanagan - is becoming unattainable for more people. Luckily, there is the nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity - providing people with the opportunity to invest in their home by volunteering their time. All of the homes built are then sold to partnering families. You can visit the ReStore facility on Enterprise Way and drop off antiques, appliances, bathroom fixtures, paint, and electronics to help build a home. There are many items that you can drop off that you may not be using but a family would greatly appreciate.


Planet Earth Recycling

Boxes, boxes, boxes; they are a handful - especially if there isn’t a city recycling bin readily available. Fret not! There is a local recycling company in West Kelowna that will pick up the boxes from your recent move. It is tough to store moving boxes in your home when you are in transition. So, let this local business take care of you while you take care of the planet. For a full listing of items they take - click here.

Don’t stop with your house - there are some of these items hiding in your personal storage lockers too. Fall is the perfect time to go through garages, spare rooms, kitchens, and storage units. As you transition from summer and start to prepare for winter, start fresh and donate your unused items to those in need!


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