5 Crazy Creative Uses for Retired Storage Containers

Posted on September 30, 2016

Storage Container

Old storage containers are being repurposed in some very surprising ways.

If you’ve ever rented portable storage containers before you’ve seen how simple they are – three walls and a swinging door. However, these containers are being repurposed around the world in a variety of different ways.

From swimming pools to hotels, these retired containers are becoming a hot commodity in the quest for original, functional and creative spaces.


1. An Artsy Workshop

In an attempt to think outside the box, some artists have scooped up decommissioned mobile containers to use as their own personal art studio. This stunning work of art was built using two 40-foot portable containers and a budget of $60,000. Although it looks small from the outside, this versatile workshop boasts a fully functional area of nearly 840 square feet. 


2. A Portable Classroom

Located on the outskirts of Cape Town, this repurposed 12 meter storage container is home to 25 students. The unit is outfitted with a sliding glass door and multiple windows to allow fresh air to flow through. A large sloped roof above provides shade and keeps the container cool. The architects even added a playground, a garden, and a shaded area perfect for students waiting for class to begin. This container is a great solution for under-resourced schools.

Storage Containers

Source: ArchDaily



3. A Cardiac Surgery Hospital

Built just outside of Sudan, this innovative centre is the product of over 100 portable containers. When the plans for this centre were originally being drawn up, the architects used the already existing containers in that location as inspiration for the design of the entire hospital. This architectural feat boasts three operating theatres, 15 intensive care unit beds, a lab, a pharmacy, 48 private rooms, administration offices, a guest house for up to 50 people, a cafeteria, and so much more. Each room even has its own personal balcony that overlooks a stunning grassy courtyard. 



4. Off-the-Grid Container Cabins

The movement for tiny homes is quickly gaining traction among many people wishing to live off the grid. In an effort to keep costs down while building a fully sustainable home, tiny homeowners are gravitating towards portable containers. These versatile recycled containers can be used in so many different ways to achieve a variety of different styles and functions. The options are truly endless.

Storage Containers

Source: Tiny House Talk 



5. A Solution for Storage

OK, so maybe this isn’t a very creative use, but it’s definitely a practical one. If you’re between homes, running out of storage space at your current address, or looking for a storage solution for your small business, a storage box can help. The original purpose of a portable container is to provide a safe and secure place for storing belongings, so why not use it for the purpose it was originally intended for?

MI-BOX® Storage Container


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