Seasonal Storage: Making The Most Of Your Space

Posted on July 29, 2021

Now is the time to find and organize a storage unit to store all your summer toys and equipment.

From that slick standup paddleboard to the souped-out e-bike, or the fancy sit-down lawnmower to just as fancy snow-blower, we collect a lot of stuff over the seasons. All that recreational equipment, tools, and toys can pile up in our garages, basements, and sheds. One way to make the most of your space for all that seasonal gear is to look for self-storage options or to rent a storage container in Kelowna that is safe, secure, and easy to access. 

We look at how choosing the right storage unit and maximizing your storage space for efficiency can help you manage your seasonal items, so you will never have to go digging for your golf clubs again. 


Choose The Right Storage Space

If your shed is bursting at the seams or the basement is bulging with seasonal stuff, it may be a sign that you need to look outside of your home for storage. Consider these factors when selecting storage units for your seasonal items:

  • Size: Do you have a large attic filled with stuff or a small amount that could easily fit inside of a 4X6-foot storage locker?
  • Accessibility: Would it be easier to have a self-storage option away from your home with drive-through access, or can you fit a portable storage container on your lawn or driveway?
  • Security: Are your items expensive? Climate-sensitive? Fragile? You may want to consider self-storage facilities in Kelowna with video surveillance, keypad entry, climate-controlled units, and other security measures.


Divide Items By Season

When organizing your items for storage, group them by season. Think about whether you have more items for winter than summer, spring, or fall before selecting what storage space will be right for you.


Think About How Often You Use Your Seasonal Items

When planning for seasonal storage, consider how often you use an item. Is it once a year, twice a year, or more frequently? Any items that you use less throughout the year, such as bikes, automotive parts, tools, and equipment should be moved to a storage unit. If you are constantly using your recreational items, you may want to consider a portable storage box rental in Kelowna that you keep outside your home for your SUPs, bikes, kayaks, snowmobiles, skis, etc. 


Organize And Label Your Seasonal Items Appropriately 

Keep items that you don’t use as often at the back of your storage unit so that you aren't rummaging through boxes and other things, moving them out of the way to access your commonly used items. In turn, place the items that you use more frequently near the entrance of your unit. Label all storage containers so that you know exactly what it is you're storing. 


Consider Purging What You’re Not Using

Organizing items by season helps eliminate belongings that you no longer use. For example, if that rusty patio set is sitting in your unit for more than a year, then it may be time to take it to the landfill for recycling. The same goes for any equipment no longer in use. 


For more information, read our storage tips on How Long you Can Store This.


Space Centre Storage has several secure self-storage options available for all your seasonal items, including drive-thru, covered or indoor access self-storage units, storage lockers, RV and boat storage, MI-BOX® portable storage containers in Kelowna and much more. Find out all that we Find our all that we offer by contacting us at 778-760-1713.

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