Self Storage and Baby: How to Keep all those Keepsakes

Posted on May 19, 2016

Family Self Storage

As baby grows, so do your storage needs. Visit the Kelowna mi-box experts at Space Centre Storage to discuss your baby-storing needs. 

You've just passed all of Baby's first-year milestones, from clapping to crawling and even taking those first precious steps. But as you look around your living room, dust has started settling on the baby swing, the playpen, and the exersaucer you've tucked away into the corners. A self storage unit is just the answer you're looking for.

If you're planning on possibly having more kids in the future, or just want to hold onto baby's stuff as keepsakes, follow these helpful tips to maximize your storing potential.


Sort & Evaluate

Before putting items away into self storage, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it something you'd use again for another baby?
  • Are all the parts and pieces still together?
  • Did your baby use it more than once?
  • Was this particular toy quiet enough?
  • Is it in good enough condition to sustain a second set of sticky fingers?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, keep it! If you answered "no" to even just one of these questions, consider getting rid of the item instead of putting it into storage. When you bring these items out of storage, you'll thank yourself for only keeping the items perfect for using again.


Clean it up

Before putting outgrown clothing into storage, give them a quick trip through the washing machine. If it's a toy, give it a quick wash to disinfect. Sippy cups and little spoons? Run them through the dishwasher.

If you're putting a high chair or car seat into storage, run the pads through the washing machine and wipe down the rest. Although you may think that this step seems a little redundant since you'll likely clean these items once they come out of your self storage unit, it's still an important step.  Stains and scents won't have a chance to set in, which makes them easier to freshen up when the time comes to use them again.

While cleaning and sorting items, don't forget to remove the batteries. This ensures that the toys are still just as fun and lively as they were before being stored away.


Categorize, Label & Pack

Label your bins. By labeling your bins ahead of time, you'll be able to step into your self storage unit and easily grab the things you need without having to spend time moving and digging through boxes. Try labeling clothing based on age. By writing “0-3 month, 3-6 month, 9-12 month, etc.” on the bins, you'll be able to grab the size you need when you need it.

Use clear bins. Clear bins are perfect for toys and books. Not only will you be able to see exactly what's been stored inside, you'll be less likely to forget about certain toys baby loved.

Use plastic bins. Plastic bins will keep clothes dry. These well-loved baby clothes also stay fresh and remain in the exact same condition they were in when first stored away.

Cover them up. For larger items that won't fit into totes or bins, cover them with old bed sheets. Simply drape them over the top of these items to keep the dust off. These draped items will fit perfectly upright in your storage unit.


Now that you've successfully stored away all of baby's items, it might be time to think about storing away some of your own items. If you've got a bit of not-baby-related clutter happing, check out our post: How Storage Units Help Organize Your Inner Packrat


If baby's swing, playpen, and outgrown onesies are starting to attract dust, call Space Centre Storage, the mi-box Kelowna experts. They offer mi-box, personal storage, and commercial storage solutions to help keep you organized until you decide it's time for another baby."

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