So, What Isn't Allowed in Your Storage Unit

Posted on March 22, 2021

goldfish bowl

A storage unit is no place for your pet goldfish.

If you watch enough TV and movies, you may be under the impression that anything goes when it comes to storage. On the silver screen, we’ve seen everything from huge piles of illegal cash to pickled body parts showing up in storage units.

But in real life, there are particular rules about what is and what isn’t allowed in a Kelowna storage facility. Some of these storage tips may seem like common sense, but sometimes things can get overlooked in the rush and bustle of a move. To that end, here is a partial list of items that are not allowed:



That means anything that can rot, spoil, or die. No aquariums full of fish. No food or dry pet food in sealed bags. In addition to creating some awful smells, food of any kind attracts hungry animals and pests.


Anything WET:

Mould and rot love a nice dark, wet place. If you’re storing kayaks, river floats, scuba gear, wet suits, or anything exposed to water, ensure everything is clean and dry before putting it in your Kelowna storage unit.



If you want to store a vehicle, make sure it can start, is insured and registered. You’ll need the appropriate documents and be able to drive your vehicle or RV in and out of our storage lot.


Anything ILLEGAL:

A storage locker seems like an ideal place to hide stolen goods or illegal drugs, but nothing is further from the truth. It’s very easy for law enforcement to obtain warrants for storage units and our security cameras are unflinching and ever vigilant.


Anything that is FLAMMABLE or that could EXPLODE:

This includes anything that can catch fire—gasoline, oil, grease, paint, cleaners, fireworks or gunpowder. Remember, other storage lockers surround you, and you will be held responsible for any damage resulting in a fire or explosion.



Plants need sunlight to survive and moisture to thrive. If you need to store your plants, consider giving them to a friend to “plant-sit” or donating them or planting them outside.


Anything TOXIC:

It might be tempting to keep your pool cleaning supplies in storage, but the fumes could mix with other everyday cleaning products and cause serious problems. This means no chlorine bleach, turpentine, paint thinner, chlorine bleach or kerosene.


Anything ALIVE:

That includes you, a pet, or your cousin who just needs a place to crash for a few days. We have security cameras for peace of mind and protection. Someone or something living in a storage facility doesn’t make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable.

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Contact Space Centre Storage if you have any concerns about what you can and cannot place in our storage units. Storage is our business. We are happy to answer all your questions and provide free quotes for all your storage needs.

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