Space Centre Storage Finds Movies with Storage Container Scenes

Posted on November 17, 2014

If you think about it, stacks of storage containers at shipyards make pretty much the perfect setting for a high stakes chase or shootout. They can form a grungy deserted maze, bullets ricochet off the steel, and you have to dart out from them to spot, shoot at or escape from the enemy.

Oh, and if the scene’s shot on the docks, there’s always the chance someone’s going to get chucked into the water or speed off to Miami on a cigarette boat.

The next time you’re renting Kelowna portable storage containers for your next move (a slightly less risky one), think about some of the fight choreography that’s happened in storage boxes and at shipyards in some of these Hollywood films.


Iron Man 3

Swinging Storage Container in Iron Man 3

Photo from 0MM

Perhaps one of the most intense scenes in Iron Man history takes place at a port between shipping containers. In addition to stacks of containers and Robert Downey Jr.’s clever remarks, the climactic scene of Iron Man 3 has it all: smoke, machine guns, burning bridges, bodies being flung across power lines and, of course, a bloodied love interest in the enemy’s hands.

These shipyard scenes were shot at the Port of Wilmington, where cast and crew had to take extra precaution in the interest of security and operations of the port. 


The A-Team

A Team Shipping Storage Container Movie Still

Promotional Photo

The A-Team was one of the first blockbusters to take advantage of the inherently dangerous nature of a shipyard. In this Hollywood film version of the classic 80’s version we all know and love, the A-Team battles the bad guys amongst storage containers at the Port of Los Angeles.


RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous)

John Malkovich Pig with Storage Containers

Movie still

What happens when Bruce Willis as retired CIA agent Frank Moses gets attacked by a high-tech assassin? He gets his old team back. And they’re all old enough to qualify for senior citizens discounts, including Marvin Boggs, played by John Malkovich.

Now, what happens when a rocket launch-toting female assailant calls Marvin ‘grandpa’ in a shipyard shootout?


While storage containers offer a high stakes backdrop for Hollywood, they also offer a convenient, secure solution when it’s time to move. Learn how in our post Moving Made Easy: Kelowna Portable Storage Containers.


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