Spring Clean Your Storage Container

Posted on February 22, 2022

Empty your self-storage container to give it a thorough deep clean.

Empty your self-storage container to give it a thorough deep clean.

Storage containers are an excellent option for storing belongings that aren't used often such as seasonal items and business-related items. If you have been renting a storage unit for at least six months, it might be time to consider doing a spring clean inside of it. Over time, with the changes in temperatures and not much air getting in, dust, dirt, and unwanted smells can get trapped. Just like our houses, spring cleaning your storage locker feels great.

Cleaning Your Self-Storage Unit

If possible, it's always best to remove everything from the unit and work with an empty unit. Whether removing all of your belongings is an option, a good dust and sweep are necessary for your spring clean. Using a microfibre cloth is the best option to remove dust from boxes, furniture, and other stored items.

While all of your items are removed, it's an excellent opportunity for your storage rental to be aired out, helping to eliminate some of the accumulated odours. If you find that your unit has developed a musty smell throughout the winter, consider moping the floor of the storage container with white vinegar, as it will help kill mildew in the air and discard the smell. In addition, you can put open boxes or containers of baking soda throughout the storage locker, which will help to absorb moisture and odours. If all of these steps don't help with the fowl scents, consider moving your belongings to a temperature-controlled storage facility.

Don't Be Afraid To Throw Away Or Donate Items

There's no better time to declutter your storage unit than when you pull everything out. It can be hard to part with items, but we usually feel emotionally lighter once it's done.

When you pull out your stored items, check if any clothes or fabric items have a funky smell. You should wash them and then repack them in an air-sealed container if they do.

Load Your Self-Storage Unit With A Plan

Maybe when you initially loaded your storage locker, you just threw everything in, or perhaps you had a very organized map of where everything was. Either way, have a plan when you re-load it. It's good to rotate flimsy items in shape so the pressure isn't only added to one side of them.

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