Spring Cleaning Your Kelowna Self Storage Unit

Posted on February 27, 2015

Messy Self Storage Unit in Kelowna

Spring cleaning your Kelowna self storage unit can be a simple, rewarding and time-saving experience with these tips.


If there were a game show question about the top phrases associated with the word ‘spring,’ there’s a pretty good chance you and every one else in the room would say ‘spring cleaning.’ That’s 100 points. You win. While most of us think about spring cleaning in relation to the usual places—the garage, the spare room, the kitchen—many of us don’t think about spring cleaning the Kelowna self storage unit.

What, you mean we’re supposed to clean that every April, too? Well, you don’t have to, but it’s a good idea, and here’s why and how.


Why take spring cleaning to your Kelowna self storage unit?

Throughout the course of a year, a storage unit tends to act as a bit of a dumping ground. Kyle’s skis got too small but you thought you’d wait until garage sale season to do something with them, so off they went to self storage. And since you’ll having that garage sale, you brought down Aunt Glad’s rocking chair.

And then, since it was winter when you were dropping your things off, if you have a drive up unit rather than a drive-through unit (read our post Self Storage in Kelowna: Drive Up or Drive Through?), you might have been in a rush on a brisk winter’s night and just threw the items in and slammed the door.

Four months passed. Now it’s almost the first day of spring and if you were to open that door, you might need a helmet and shin pads to navigate through things safely. The point is, over the winter, storage units tend to get a little untidy. With a good spring cleaning, which really means organizing, you’ll be better able to take stock of what you have and make it easier to find those items in the future.


How can you spring clean your storage unit?

For every battle, there are weapons. When it comes to organizing the dangerous clunk of stuff stuffed into your storage unit, your best weapons are moving supplies such as boxes, tape and black markers for labels. Oh, and these steps:

  1. Haul everything out. Yes, everything.
  2. Make three piles: A) Keep in storage. B) Bring back home. C) Garage sale or give away.
  3. For everything that stays in the ‘keep in storage’ pile, label it. You can label it by what it is, and even by who it belongs to if you’ve got kids.
  4. Before you put those ‘keep in storage’ items back in your unit, think about the best way to place them. Valuables in the front and high school love notes at the back? Summer/spring to the left and winter/fall to the right? Never use at the back and use sometimes at the front? Making a convenient system for placing your storage items will help you save time and possibly keep you from even having to do a spring clean of your storage unit next year! Consider setting up a shelving system in your self-storage unit to utilize the vertical space too.


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