Storage Container Rental Uses: Big Business Benefits

Posted on November 08, 2016

Storage Container Rental

Consider a storage container rental for a quick and easy storage solution for your food truck business.

Today, entrepreneurship is shaping British Columbia's economic landscape. There are nearly 400,000 small businesses operating in British Columbia, which represent approximately 98 percent of all businesses in the province. These small businesses are often highly mobile, which allows them to seek the perfect location for their operations. When that ideal space is available at a premium price, however, it's easy to see why many business owners are looking for simple and reliable storage solutions. This is where a storage container rental can become really appealing. 


The Big Benefits of Using Storage Containers

Besides being portable, storage containers are weather resistant, durable, and convenient. If you have a spare parking stall or a small chunk of unoccupied land, you can keep one of these handy containers right next to your business venue. Or if you're tight on space, you can also keep the storage container located at a secure storage facility. Keep your stored items wherever you'd like for easy access anytime of day.


The Businesses that Benefit the Most

A storage container rental may not be for all businesses, but here are a few that are taking advantage of the portability and convenience these containers offer:

  • Independent Farmers - this unlikely group of container users are benefiting in big ways from portable containers. These containers provide a climate-controlled interior perfect for storing freshly picked produce and an abundance of farm fresh eggs. It's also an ideal storage location for soil, seeds, and equipment.
  • Craft Breweries & Microbreweries - exploding in popularity in recent years, small breweries are in need of more storage to keep up with demand. Items like kegs, empty bottles and cans, and beer-making ingredients like hops can all be stored neatly inside.
  • Food Trucks - another small business trend making waves in British Columbia is the food truck. Always on the go, food truck owners love a conveniently located storage container. They also love the accessibility of storing take out containers, cutlery, and non-perishable food items in portable containers. When the inventory in their truck is low, they can simply park right outside their containers, take what they need, and be on their way in no time.
  • Landscapers - with the variety of landscapes nestled in the Okanagan, there are a plethora of tools required to maintain yards and gardens. All these tools need to be housed somewhere when not in use, and that's where portable containers come in handy. A storage container rental is durable and theft-proof so landscaping professionals never have to worry about valuable tools disappearing.


These are just a few of the businesses that are instituting the use of portable containers into their company plans. For a look at even more businesses that are taking advantage of these storage-solution helpers, check out our previous post: Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers: The Perfect Solution for Your Business Storage Needs


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