Storage Containers & the Cold: The Winter Yard Sale

Posted on January 16, 2017

Storage Containers & the Cold

Storage containers are a great accessory to a winter yard sale.

After the holidays have ended and it's time to put the decorations back into storage, it can be easy to take a good look around your storage unit and decide that it's time for some of your items to find a new home. If you think it's better to wait until the snow melts from your front yard before having a yard sale, we're here to tell you differently. With storage containers, access to social media, and a little bit of Internet know-how, you can sell your unwanted items during any time of year. 


The Pros

Although hosting a yard sale during the winter months can seem a little daunting, it's actually a great idea. Think about it this way: a winter yard sale means less competition. And if you choose a date that's mild in temperature, you'll probably get quite a few people looking for ways to fly the coop and enjoy a little fresh air. 


The Cons

With melting snow and ice, the logistics of a winter yard sale can be a little challenging. You may also not have as big of a turn out during cold weather yard sales than sunny day yard sales. 


Get Selling

To really make the most out of your winter yard sale, we've compiled a few tips. 


1. Invest in a MI-BOX® storage container rental. Storage containers are a great vessel for not only storing the items you want to sell, but to use as a browsing location. If you've got items that won't stand up to the winter elements, display them in the storage container. 


2. Clean out the garage. If you've been looking for a reason to tidy up your garage, now is the time. When you're cleaning up, you may find even more items you'd like to cash in on. Once the garage is tidy, set up a table or two for displaying your sale items. 


3. Salt the driveway. To avoid any potential slips and falls by your yard sale goers, be sure to salt or sand your driveway and walkways. 


4. Supply the hot chocolate. If the weather is lousy, put out some hot chocolate for the shoppers. Not only will this make them happy, it'll also give them a reason to browse through your items. 


5. Spend some time on social media. To maximize the foot traffic at your winter yard sale, advertise the event on social media. Include pictures of some of your items, and be sure to post the information on the local community and buy and sell pages. If you're feeling ambitious, include an itemized list including prices. You can sometimes make quite a few sales online. 


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