Storage Lockers and Summertime Projects: A Perfect Pair

Posted on June 28, 2017

Storage Lockers Summertime Projects 

If you've got a couple summertime projects on the go, consider storage lockers to help streamline the process.


The summer is the perfect time to tackle some of those long anticipated projects you've been planning on doing all winter. The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, which means cheap or free labour, and you've squirreled away some vacation time for just such an occasion. Before giving the green light on your project, consider renting storage lockers first. It's the perfect solution for every summertime project. We'll explain how.


1. The Big Renovation Project

There's that one room in your house that just doesn't look right to you. Whether it's simply cosmetic and needs an updated paint job or a complete overhaul, it's been on your to-do list for too long. Think about a storage rental while you're planning out your angle of attack. You'll most likely need to store your furniture and knickknacks out of the way while you do the work. Instead of jamming them into the spare room, utilize the free move-in truck and driver instead. Just pack the items into the truck and they'll drive it right to your unit for you. Simple.


2. Garden Landscaping

Storage lockers may not seem like an ideal solution for the garden landscaping project you had in mind, but they can help. Whether you're packing away tools for the job or toys scattered in the yard, you'll be happy to have a clear space when it comes time to get to work. Oh, and those pavers that came on sale, but you aren't ready for yet? Go get them. They can stay camped out in your Kelowna self storage unit until you're ready for them. No rush.


3. Your Next Move

You've finally outgrown your current home. The newest little bundle of joy has taken up more space in your home than you've got, so it's time for you to find a new place to call home - preferably one with more bedrooms. We get it. Since the summer is the best time of year to move, it only makes sense that this project has been pushed back until now.

Save yourself a little time and start putting those unneeded items in a storage unit now. Not only will that help your home show a little better (no one likes clutter!), you'll also get a head start on packing.

In case you need a little assistance with the moving process, check out our previous post: Moving Quick Checklist: 'A' to 'U' in Kelowna Storage Unit.


5. The Summer Yard Sale

If the clutter that's accumulated over the years has you itching for a yard sale, consider renting a storage unit in the interim. You can move items over to your unit that are no longer needed in your home. Once the unit's full, organize a yard sale. You'll love the extra space at home and the extra cash that rolls in from the yard sale. The locker will practically pay for itself.


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