Storage Tips: How to Protect Pack and Store Clothes and Shoes

Posted on July 30, 2020

lavender sachet with sheets

One storage tip is to place lavender sachets in stored clothing to prevent insect infestations and to make your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Have you ever opened a long-abandoned box in your attic to find clothing and shoes inside smelling a tad off and riddled with holes or stains? Storing anything made of fabric and leather is susceptible to insects, moisture, and dust, which can cause damage and that distinctive musty smell. Use our storage tips on how to protect your clothes and shoes, and learn how to pack your items so they are easy to access based on the season.


Smell Be Gone

Most musty smells can be traced to one thing — mould. Caused by excess moisture and lack of ventilation, mould not only smells bad, it can leave a fuzzy stain on your clothes or shoes. Mould eventually eats away at organic materials, such as fabrics and leather, so it’s important to combat it as soon as possible. The best way to prevent mould growth is to look for climate-controlled storage facilities — a cool and dry place is best.

Follow these steps If you do encounter mould on your clothes or shoes:

  1. Mix a solution of water, bleach, Borax, or white vinegar in a spray bottle (the latter works best if you are worried about bleach stains on coloured items).
  2. Spray the affected item and scrub with a brush. 
  3. Use hot water to wash and rinse your items
  4. Dry them thoroughly in the sun or in a dryer. 
  5. Repeat the process if your clothes or shoes still smell musty. 


Buzz Off Bugs

Insects such as moths, cockroaches, carpet beetles, and silverfish are notorious for eating holes in clothing. Even worse, they can lay their eggs in linens, causing an infestation.

Use these tips to control insects from chewing away at your favourite sweater or canvas shoe:

  • Clean all items before placing them in self-storage containers.
  • Layer clothes with cedar blocks, lavender sachets, or mothballs. 
  • Seal containers tightly
  • Look for clean and insect-controlled storage units in Kelowna in which to place items.


Pack for the Seasons 

Having easy access to your clothes and shoes is the best way to protect them from mould, dust, and insects. Pack your items according to the season and fold them to avoid stretching, Store items in transportable containers such as covered rolling garment racks or suitcases.

Place them in an accessible area inside your storage unit, on top, or in front of other containers. If storing away large amounts of clothing such as team sports jerseys and equipment, why not consider a mobile Kelowna storage container such as a MI-BOX®?

Learn more by reading How Mobile Storage Means Fewer Headaches.


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