Storage Unit Checklist: Securely Store Your Belongings

Posted on October 06, 2016

Kelowna Self Storage

Properly storing your items in a storage unit can keep them in tip-top shape during their stay.

Now that the boxes are all packed, the paperwork has been completed and signed, and the For Sale sign has been traded in for a Sold sign, it's time to move your things to your newly rented Kelowna self storage unit. It may be weeks or even months before you pull out some of these beloved personal items. To keep these items in perfect condition, no matter how long they're tucked away for, it's a wise idea to make sure they're packed up properly.


The Big Stuff

Heavy furniture is likely to suffer a few dents and scratches when moving from one location to another. To protect the big-ticket items in your arsenal of stuff, make sure to pack it up right.

Wardrobes and Dressers - Always empty these items when moving. Besides being way too heavy to safely transport, you also run the risk of causing damage. Remove all personal items as well as drawers and tape the cupboard doors closed. Once delivered to the storage unit, drape a moving blanket overtop to prevent scratches and dents while moving in other items. 

Couches and Armchairs - To protect these items when they're not in use, use plastic wrap to keep cushions inside and dust outside. It's also a good idea to remove any legs, place them in a bag, and ensure they're wrapped up with the rest of the couch.

Tables, Chairs, Coffee Tables, and End Tables - These items should also be wrapped with plastic wrap or moving blankets before being placed into storage. This will protect them from scrapes during the moving process. If possible, stack chairs together to maximize storage space. 

Bed Frames and Mattresses - Always wrap your mattresses in a light, breathable mattress cover as opposed to shrink-wrap. For long-term storage in a storage unit, store the mattress flat to prevent the inner coils from warping. When dismantling the bed frame, keep all the little pieces together in a baggie and tape it to the back of the headboard. To protect the headboard and footboard from scratches, dents, and stains, use plastic wrap.

Appliances - Before storing kitchen appliances, make sure they've been properly cleaned and dried out. This will prevent mould from growing and critters from visiting. It's also a good idea to cover these items with heavy moving blankets as well.


The Little Stuff

Electronics - Use the original packaging if it's still around. If not, a box and packing peanuts will do the trick. Don't forget to make sure all batteries have been removed.

Breakables - Store these items in appropriately sized boxes with lots of packing paper. Make sure to label these boxes as breakable and store in a safe corner of the storage unit.

Books - Limit the amount of books placed in each box. If the box is too heavy, you may injure your back when trying to lift them or the boxes may not be able to hold the full load either.

Clothing and Linens - Use plastic totes to store clothing, linens, and towels. This will prevent moisture and mould and mildew from finding its way into your cottons.


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