Storage Unit Finds: The Weirdest Items Ever Discovered

Posted on May 31, 2017

Storage Unit Finds: The Weirdest Items Ever Discovered 

Sometimes people use their storage unit to house some pretty strange items.

A storage unit can be used to house seasonal equipment, bedroom sets, appliances, paper documents, and so much more. However, sometimes these units are abandoned and everything inside is left behind and needs to be removed. During the removal process, some storage facilities are left with some pretty weird and ridiculous items.


Here's a list of some of the weirdest items we've heard of other facilities around the world discovering:


The James Bond Submarine Car

In a storage unit in Long Island, a man bought the contents of an abandoned locker for less than a hundred dollars. To his utter surprise, the car stashed away in the locker ended up being one of eight cars used in The Spy Who Loved Me. He later sold that car for a cool million dollars.


The First Ever Superman Comic Book

Imagine purchasing the contents of an abandoned storage locker and discovering a collector's item worth nearly a million dollars. That's exactly what happened to a resident of the San Fernando Valley. He happened to purchase the first issue of the Superman comic book series without knowing it. However, it had been reported stolen by Nicolas Cage and had to be returned to its rightful owner.


A Living and Breathing Burglar

A thief had begun targeting storage lockers in the United States. One night while in the midst of digging through an occupied locker, a security guard noticed the open door and shut it. This effectively trapped the would-be thief inside. The same security guard later heard the thief trying to escape and called the police.


Michael Jackson Songs

Michael Jackson's father kept more than 250 original songs that had never been released in his storage locker. The tunes were allegedly recorded with Tina Turner between record label contracts. This means recording companies can't lay claim to them, and this find is worth millions.


A Storage Unit Full of Gold

During a storage locker auction, a San Jose man ended up purchasing a unit that contained rare coins and gold and silver ingots. These pricey findings were tucked away in the most discreet treasure chest: a blue Rubbermaid container. After having his find appraised, the man quickly discovered his lucky purchase would earn him close to half a million dollars.


An Old Family Secret

While your family member's remains would never find themselves inside a locked storage locker, some families have no issue with it. Countless urns containing ashes have been discovered in storage facilities, but in one really strange case in Florida, a casket containing the content owner's grandmother was found. Her remains had been stored away in there for nearly 17 years!


While some of these items aren't exactly fit for a storage container, the following post contains items that really aren't designed for storing: Storage Containers: Some Items Aren't Meant for Storing


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