Store Winter, Unbox Spring

Posted on May 01, 2021

Donate the winter clothes you are not using before you store it.

Lessen the load by donating your unused winter woollies and placing other winter gear in your storage unit in Kelowna.

A time of rebirth and renewal, spring is a gentle reminder that we are part of the natural world even when tearing down the highway on a Harley! It’s also a time to synchronize ourselves with the seasons by clearing out those heavy woolen sweaters and hauling out your patio furniture. 

Here are a few storage tips to keep in mind when visiting your storage rental in Kelowna about what to pack away for winter and what to unpack for spring.



We’ve all spent the last several months bundled up against the frigid Canadian winter. You can store snow pants, snow boots, coats, long underwear, and heavy sweaters to use next winter. Before you pack away your winter clothes, it’s essential to make sure they are clean.  So, scrape the mud off those boots and wash those wool sweaters before you pack them away. Now is an excellent time to “cull the herd” by donating any unused winter clothes. If you haven’t used an item this past winter, there’s a good chance you won’t be using it next winter.  Be sure to store your clothes in a cool, dry, dark place — your Kelowna storage unit is an ideal place.



Spring is the time for shorts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops (basically anything with the word ‘short’ or ‘tank’ or ‘bikini’ in it). It may seem obvious, but there is real power in putting away heavy clothes and unpacking spring and summer clothes. Use this time to get in tune with the season. Increase your enjoyment of the upcoming season by consciously anticipating the warm months ahead. It’s also an excellent time to donate any summer clothes you didn’t use last year.
However, keep light jackets and rainproof gear at hand—Kelowna ain’t the Bahamas and as the old saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in the Okanagan, wait 15 minutes.”



The variety and breadth of equipment that we use to play and navigate in the winter months are impressive, but it also takes up a lot of room. A storage unit in Kelowna is an excellent place to store ATV snow blades, snow blowers, snow shovels, downhill skis, snowboards, poles, cross-country skis, sleds, snowshoes, ice-crampons, etc. Give your sports equipment a good cleaning before putting them away for winter. Ensure everything is dry to prevent rust and corrosion.



Mountain bikes, motorcycles, SUPs, kayaks, tubes, road bikes, spring is the perfect time to unpack sporting equipment designed for the summer. Inspect your sporting goods thoroughly before using them. Look for signs of wear that could compromise safety. Consider getting bikes tuned up and perform any routine maintenance.

Worried about spring showers affecting your storage rental in Kelowna? Read How to Keep Your Storage Unit Flood-Safe.


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