Streamline Renovations with Storage Boxes Kelowna Residents Rely on

Posted on March 31, 2015

Woman renovating home in Kelowna with storage box

Safely stowing your furniture in the storage boxes Kelowna residents prefer the most is a great way to speed up your home painting project.


It’s always an exciting time when you do a home renovation project. It usually results in a house that’s more visually pleasing and functional. Planning ahead by hiring one of the storage boxes Kelowna homeowners use most is a great way to make the process easier, more efficient and a whole lot faster. Here are a few examples:



Let’s say you’re finally getting around to updating the wall colour of your home’s interior (that Pepto Bismol pink hue has finally worn out its welcome). If you’re like most do-it-yourselfers, then you’re not exactly a surgeon with a paintbrush. The amount of splatter you create would make your floor look like a Jackson Pollock painting.


Protecting your flooring with sheets is a smart choice, but any furniture that’s sitting against a wall will need to be moved, and it will invariably get moved a dozen more times before the job’s done. The better option is to move it once—into the convenient MI-BOX® storage boxes Kelowna renovation experts find so handy. Safely stowed out of the way, you’ll be free to paint unencumbered.



You’ve finally got the money saved and time booked off work to go ahead with that outdoor kitchen project you’ve been craving for years. If you don’t have a lot of covered storage on your property, hiring the storage boxes Kelowna contractors use for their projects can make things flow more smoothly.

If you’re continually walking back and forth to use your chop saw, or fetch tools and materials, you are wasting time. Having everything close to hand in a Kelowna storage box will add efficiency to any project. And when the workday is done all you have to do is put your tools away, lock the container and walk away.


Long-term projects

If you plan on carrying out multiple renovations on your Okanagan home, or your schedule only permits you to work every so often, MI-BOX® portable storage containers are ideal for long-term DIY projects. You can use them as long as you require and they’re so convenient because you can gather all your tools and materials in one place.


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Make your home renovation project hassle-free by hiring the storage boxes Kelowna DIY enthusiasts use most. With other convenient services like RV and boat storage, mailboxes, portable MI-BOX® containers and drive-through self-storage, the Space Centre in Kelowna is the place to go for all of your storage needs.

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