Utilize your Storage Unit: 5 Tips for Summer Kid Survival

Posted on July 13, 2017

Summer Kid Survival Tips 

If your kids are home for the summer, utilize your storage unit with these fun summer activity hacks.

It's summertime and the kids are out of school for two very long months. If you'e dreading the first time your kid looks up at you and says, "I'm bored" we've got a couple of ways you can combat the summertime boredom blues. Head over to your storage unit, grab some of those stowed away items, and get started on some of these creative and fun summertime activities.


1. Head for the Hills (or the Living Room)

Summertime is the perfect time for camping. The weather is usually agreeable, and there are so many different campsites to visit, especially ones that are close to home. Grab your tents and sleeping bags from your Kelowna self storage unit and get outside.

If conflicting schedules or bad weather has other ideas for you, set up your camping gear in your living room. The kids will absolutely love it, and you'll have found a way to entertain them right at home without having to put their favourite movie on; again. It's a win-win situation.


2. Christmas in July

Make the backyard a private little Christmas wonderland for your kiddos. Pull out those old Christmas decorations that have been collecting dust in your storage unit, and decorate the backyard with them. Twinkle lights also add amazing atmosphere for the adults too.

If you have a tennis or volleyball net set up, go ahead and string those lights through the net. For the older kids and parents, you're now able to play late-night sports while enjoying the warm summer breeze.


3. Create a backyard obstacle course

If you're looking for an idea to not only entertain the kids but also help them burn off some of that summertime energy, head over to your storage rental. Look for things like tires, ladders, empty trunks, and portable tables. All of these items make excellent obstacles for kids to run, skip, and hop through.

If you want to keep things exciting, do a little reorganizing every couple of days. You can even create ribbons and trophies to hand out each time they improve their time through the course. It's a really simple way to keep them engaged and entertained without spending money on new toys and play structures.


4. Make a pillow fortress with items from your storage unit

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your kiddos entertained. Grab that old pop-up pool and some of the linens and comforters from your local storage facility. Once you get home, set up the pool in a nice shaded area (or somewhere in the house) and fill it with linens and pillows. You can even dump in those old teddy bears you stowed away a few years ago. It's the perfect spot for reading, wrestling, or stargazing.


5. Don't forget a slip and slide

If you've got an old tarp tucked away in indoor storage, go get it. Unfold it in the backyard, add a little dish soap and water, and voila! You've just created a fun and slippery slip and slide for kids to enjoy during the hotter days of summer.


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