Attic or a Mobile Storage Unit? Kelowna Storage Specialists Weigh in

Posted on May 19, 2015

Cluttered Attic Cleaning

The mobile storage units Kelowna families choose for convenience are quickly becoming a favourable option over moving trucks.


It’s true—you can store a lot of stuff in your attic. But whether your carefully stowed belongings return from their dusty hiatus in the upper reaches of your home in the same condition they entered it is usually a little iffy. When it comes to safeguarding your possessions, it’s difficult to beat a mobile storage container Kelowna residents find so darn convenient.

A portable storage container such as MI-BOX® from Space Centre Storage in Kelowna offers a number of advantages over your dusty attic.

Here are a few:


Ease of Packing

If you’re lucky, the entrance to your attic might have a foldaway ladder in your ceiling access panel. Otherwise, you’ll have to lug one upstairs just to get started. And once you do, you’re limited to the size of box that’ll squeeze through the ceiling port. There’s also a bit of a balancing act involved in hoisting items up on a ladder.

With a MI-BOX® mobile storage container, you have ample room to fit different sized items for safe storage. If that elliptical trainer isn’t going to be used any time soon, no worries. If your kid moved out and you want to store all of his bedroom furniture until he gets back from his European adventure, it’ll fit.


Unwanted Guests

Attics are commonly frequented by rats, mice, insects and other freeloading creatures looking for shelter from the elements. They have no qualms about rummaging through your possessions and either building nests or simply gnawing away on anything that catches their interest.

When it comes to mobile storage containers Kelowna homeowners rely on to protect their belongings, MI-BOX® units are sealed from the elements and creepy crawlies.


How Old Is Your Roof?

The only thing separating your attic space from the elements is your roof. If you have a leak, you may not discover it until it’s too late. So if you are stowing cherished possessions under your roof, make time to conduct a quick visual inspection before you seal up the ceiling panel and walk away. Also make a point of periodically checking on your stored goods.


Too Hot, Too Cold

Attic spaces aren’t insulated, meaning they get roasting hot in our Okanagan summers and cold in winter. Any temperature-sensitive items—such as electronics and anything that runs on a battery—likely won’t fare well in those conditions.

With MI-BOX® containers, you have the option of storing your unit either short- or long-term in our temperature-controlled warehouse at Space Centre Storage. For helpful advice on using these portable storage containers, read 3 Tips for Loading & Using MI-BOX® Kelowna Portable Storage Containers.

Do you have excess belongings that are taking up space in your home? Space Centre Storage has mobile storage containers Kelowna residents have been using for all their storage solutions. We also offer storage for boats, RV and other personal items at our secure warehouse facility.

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