File Storage

Although modern society is moving closer and closer to having documentation saved digitally, it’s still important to have your paper files in a safe, secure, location. And that’s exactly why Space Centre Storage is the place for you. Our storage facility is perfectly equipped for making sure your files stay in order and safe from the elements for as long as you need them. Have a lot of boxes? No problem—we have shelved units that are specifically designed to hold file boxes. And best of all, for the busy business owner, we have file pick-up and delivery services.


File Storage for Businesses

Accounting, medical, legal, and more. We can store all your documents safely for easy retrieval whenever you need them.  Some of our services include:

  • Same Day File Pickup and Delivery
  • Shelving services at our Kelowna storage facility
  • Convenient Document Tracking
  • Sign In / Sign Out controls if required 

Free up your valuable office space by keeping all the boxes off-site. Our storage facility is open seven days a week, for your ease of access.


File Storage for Personal

Quick, do you know how long you’re supposed to hold onto your documents? It’s recommended that you hold onto at least 6 years’ worth of anything related to taxes and income. Additionally, if you have any medical files you’ll want to hold onto those for a long while as well. If you’re on the move, you might want to make sure your files are kept in a safe spot. Space Centre Storage is in a location where you won’t have to worry about floods, and with our metal and concrete building, your documents will be well-protected from the elements.

Here’s a little filing cheat sheet for you:

  • Keep Forever: Original and important documents (eg: wills, power of attorney, property deeds, life-insurance)
  • 6 years: Income and tax information, including bills, invoices, charitable donation receipts,
  • 1 year: Receipts and bills. Sometimes they’re attached to a warranty!


How to store files

First, you’ll need to make sure you have enough boxes to keep your files together. If you’re not sure where to get them, just stop by our office! We sell a wide range of specialty boxes for easy packing. If your files will need a little more movement in an active area, we recommend picking up plastic file boxes that can latch closed. For the files themselves, individual folders separated by year and related documents can keep things orderly — just remember to label them!

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Peter Kowalski,

“I've been warehousing my flooring at Space Centre for 2 years now... the fact that they have a loading dock and freight services allow me to store all my flooring at an affordable price. They are the only storage facility in the Okanagan with a loading dock and freight services.”