Forklifts & Loading Docks

Does your business rely on receiving deliveries and shipments? We all know the struggle that can come from rearranging your schedule when you get that “Shipment Delayed” notification. That’s why we’re proud to offer more than just storage — we can handle your shipping and receiving as well! Whether it’s business or personal, if your shipments come when you’re not around, we will place them directly into your storage unit. 

Unique to the storage industry, we also have loading docks and forklifts. What makes a loading dock special for your delivery needs? A loading dock/bay gives direct access to staging and storage areas, improving efficiency and protecting your shipments from the elements. Ours are equipped with levellers, which make it easy for our trained staff to get forklifts in and out of the trucks. Whether your shipments are boxes, palettes, or oversized, we can help get it into your storage! Please note, we do not permit the storage of liquids or hazardous materials. 



  • Licensed forklift operators
  • 3 forklifts at our Kelowna warehouse facility
  • 2 loading docks with levellers
  • File storage with file pickup and retrieval services
  • Pallets and Pallet jacks
  • Packing supplies and materials


Our business customers really appreciate the time and money they save by allowing the Space Centre to take of all their shipping and receiving needs. No more waiting for late deliveries or having to meet the delivery truck at a specific time. If it’s during our operating hours (usually 8am - 8pm Mon-Sat, and 10am - 5pm Sundays & Holidays), we can receive your shipments and place them directly into your storage unit while you work at increasing your bottom line. If you’d like to add even more efficiency to your business operations, check out our mailbox rental and file storage services. Reduce the need to run around by having everything in one place at our more-than-just-storage facility.


Why are licensed operators needed for forklifts?

While driving a forklift may seem simple, it requires knowledge of the equipment as well as expertise and skill. Caution should be exerted in all situations involving heavy machinery, and operator error can lead to damage of products, machinery, and even staff. That’s why we’ve made sure to have licensed operators on hand at Space Centre Storage. Just let us know when you need them!

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Peter Kowalski,

“I've been warehousing my flooring at Space Centre for 2 years now... the fact that they have a loading dock and freight services allow me to store all my flooring at an affordable price. They are the only storage facility in the Okanagan with a loading dock and freight services.”