MI-BOX is a portable storage container that brings storage to you!

Moving with a MI-BOX takes half the time and effort. No more loading and unloading the moving truck. Once you load it in, it's ready for storage.

Say goodbye to office clutter. Say hello to inventory storage. Say "thank you" to MI-BOX.

Commercial worker loading boxes into MI-BOX container

Reasons You'll Love MI-BOX®


Work just got easier! MI-BOX® is the perfect portable storage solution for businesses. Serving the Okanagan Valley (Kelowna, Lake Country, West Kelowna and Vernon) MI-BOX® takes the hassle and stress out of storing, accessing, and safeguarding equipment and inventory that is essential to your business.

MI-BOX is big enough to store large tools Contracting supplies and equipment scattered on table

For the Contractor

Forget the hassle of trying to cram all your tools and materials into one small truck or trailer. Measuring 7 x 8 x 16 feet, a MI-BOX® is wide and tall enough for large tools and equipment. Plus, the door rolls up, so you don’t have to worry about maneuvering around a cramped area.

The specialized level-lift system prevents your container from being tipped and shifted around and allows us to place your MI-BOX wherever best suits your needs.

For the Mobile Business

Does your business frequent festivals and local events? With a MI-BOX® you can have your shop and product set up and ready to go in minutes. Since the portable storage unit fits perfectly into a parking space, you’ll have no problems with placement either.

Store essential business supplies in MI-BOX Food trucks inline for event
Store essential event supplies in MI-BOX Event supplies in storage

For the Event Business

You don’t need to strain with pulling chairs, tables, and machinery out of a van! With the patented Level Lift System, you’ll find everything just where you put it — no shifting or toppled furniture here. For extra security, we can park it at our secure climate controlled storage facility until you need it again!

For the Landscaping Business

Multiple jobs in a neighbourhood? Just park the MI-BOX® in any standard size parking space and you now have a central hub to work from! Store all your tools, protective gear, and more for easy access for the whole crew.

Store all tools and gear in MI-BOX Landscaping supplies in storage
Space Centre customer review: Ludwig Brinkhaus

Ludwig Brinkhaus


“We started the (moving) process in April, however, as our MI-BOX container is stored indoors at Space Centre, it keeps our contents safe if we leave it over winter. At other times in my life, we have used other storage businesses where the attitude has been more about payments being met and not much else. That never comes across at this particular facility. I like their personal service. They know you. There is not a large turnover in staff, which reflects positively on the management’s style.”
Read Ludwig's full story here