Run a mobile business? Changing your address in the future? Are you in Kelowna for a shorter period of time? Living out in the countryside and mail delivery just can’t make it to your home? Or maybe you just want the sense of security that comes with having a mailbox in a secure storage facility. Good news, Space Centre offers mailboxes by the month or by the year.

We offer mailboxes for personal and business use, located right on-site. When you open up a mailbox you get a street address (instead of a PO Box) which will provide your business with a professional presentation. It’s especially useful if you’re running a business from home, but don’t necessarily want to be sending out or receiving mail to your personal address.


Our Full Service Includes:

  • A Real Street Address
  • Can be Paid 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months at a time
  • Package Receiving from ALL - Air, Road, and Freight Carriers

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Space Centres safe and secure mailboxes 

What makes a Mailbox different from a PO Box?

While both options give you a secure way to access your mail, there are noted differences between a rented mailbox and a PO Box.

A Post Office Box (PO box) is owned and offered by Canada Post, and located at a post office. This means that the address will be tied to that postal location and number. A PO Box can receive packages and mail from Canada Post. If you expect deliveries through FedEx, UPS, Purolator, or another courier company, most will not be able to deliver to the PO Box. Additionally, you will need to check in person regularly to see if mail has been delivered.

A private mailbox, however, is offered by a private business which means you can receive additional services. The main benefit you may find is that since a mailbox has a dedicated physical address, courier services such as FedEx, UPS, Purolator, and more can deliver to you! What’s more is that even if the packages are larger than your box, our staff at Space Centre Storage will hold them securely for you until you’re free to pick them up. Don’t worry about including a daily stop to check for mail either, with our “Call-In” privilege, you can just give us a ring when you want to know if you need to pick anything up!