Sometimes it’s fine to just throw everything into an old box and quickly scribble the contents on the side. But if you’re planning to store anything requiring a bit more care, you might find yourself unpacking disappointment and broken belongings. Even if you’re just packing up some clutter, you might actually find it easier to pack in proper boxes—that’s where we come in!

Space Centre Storage is happy to offer the finest quality and best selection of boxes and packing products as well as the quickest service. We believe good service is worrying about the details so our customers do not have to. Some of the items we offer are:

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We’re also more than happy to offer you all the advice you’d need for packing and storing anything you can think of! Just stop by and chat with our friendly, professional staff.

Space Centres moving supplies hung up in the office

What’s the deal with packing supplies?

Did you know moving and storage boxes are more durable than regular cardboard boxes? They’re constructed to hold more weight and multiple uses. They also come in a wide variety of sizes! When you have large, unwieldy items (such as mirrors and televisions) you’ll want a box designed for them, we can hook you up. When it comes to heavier items, you’ll want smaller boxes to prevent any injury or strain. Don’t overfill your boxes either, aim for full capacity. That way, you avoid the lumpy sides from overfilling and the danger of collapsing from underfilling. We also carry specialty boxes, such as wardrobe boxes, which allow you to just transfer your clothing already on hangers into a box. Just ask us for information!

After your boxes are filled, you’ll want to get some good tape. Properly sealing your boxes can prevent pests from getting in and leaving you surprises inside your boxes. If you have items that can’t be packed inside a box, stretch wrap is the way to go. Completely cover them in a protective film to prevent dust from settling inside.

Once you’re ready to move everything, you might find furniture pads helpful to prevent damage and scuffs as you get them from your home to the storage unit, and back again. Once you’re at your storage unit, we have on-site dollies and carts for moving around our facility!

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