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How Storage Containers Help Provide Short-term Storage when Travelling

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

Kelowna Storage Container

Storage containers provide a fast, affordable and convenient way to store your household goods if you're leaving your home for an extended trip.

Space Centre Storage is always providing the means and ways for those looking for short-term storage solutions. Just ask Kelowna residents Dave and Rachel.

Three years ago, while planning a trip overseas for seven months, they contacted Space Storage Centre about renting a MI-BOX® storage container. The results can be seen in this testimonial.


Stand or Deliver

Many people feel uncomfortable leaving their prized possessions in their home when they are leaving on an extended trip. They also may be renting out their home while they are away, and need to clear the way for tenants.

A MI-BOX® storage rental eliminates the worry of what to do with your items. All it takes is one phone call to Space Centre Storage to arrange your storage container rental in Kelowna. We deliver and pick up the unit, and can also store it for you in our climate controlled indoor facility until you return.


A Convenient, Fast and Affordable Storage Solution

Space Centre Storage’s affordable monthly rates won’t eat into your travel budget. As you pack your unit at your own time, you control how long you need your container for.

With help from friends, Dave and Rachel were able to pack the entire contents of their home into their portable storage unit in Kelowna in less than two hours.

By renting a Kelowna storage container, they were able to pack their box without the need for expensive movers. They also avoided:


Fits into any Space

One of Dave and Rachel’s concerns was how the truck would manage the delivery of the container and whether the container would fit into the space, as they have a small alley behind their house. However, they had nothing to worry about, as Space Centre Storage’s professional driver was able to deliver their container with ease.

All MI-BOX® storage units measure 7ft (width) x 8ft (height) x 16ft (length) and fit into a standard parking space. The truck is equipped with a special level-lift system that does not tilt the unit or cause damage during delivery and pick up. And as the box is built out of a durable, lightweight material and a Duraplate® finish, it does not dent or scratch easily and will not leave any visible marks on the pavement or gravel around your home.


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If you’re like Dave and Rachel and are planning to travel and/or rent out your home, see how a MI-BOX® is your best storage solution for your prized possessions. Space Centre Storage offers every storage option available to meet your budget, timeframe, and space requirements.


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